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Pregnancy In Your 50s?

Pregnancy In Your 50s?

Ann Maloney gave birth to her first child at age 50, and her second at 52. After a first marriage and a busy career switch, she married again and both she and her husband wanted children. With the help of donors and Columbia University they went on to bear two daughters. 

The age of motherhood is rising in the United States, where the average is now 25 (it was 21 in 1970). But the rate is booming even more among the middle-aged: Since 2008 birthrates have increased 17% among women aged 45 to 49, and nearly 25% of adopted children in the U.S. have parents 45+ years older than they are. 

While a first reaction for many is that the 40s and 50s are simply too old to have kids, some experts disagree. They say that children of older mothers fare quite well as the moms are so engaged and overjoyed to have a child: “Fewer kids at home, more attention to the kids they do have, and more money to devote to their education," says Brad Van Voorhis, head of the fertility clinic at the University of Iowa. 


Read the whole story in New York Magazine

Do you think the 50s are too old to become a parent?  

Image Source: Via New York Magazine

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RichardCornell RichardCornell 5 years
When it does not go right. I know this women who was born to parents who were both 54 years old. She has a host of problems, she is sickly, her son is having life long problems. Her son will never meet his grandparents because they have die. A women who wants children after 45 is risking the health of that child. Sure she can have children well into senior years, but can society take the risk when something goes wrong. At what point does society put a ban of old seniors either becoming moms or dads. Maybe at my senior age I should think about becoming a dad. I have a whole age range to deal with from very young 18 to grandmother age. I know that sounds weird and it is but many of you feel being a mom at any age is OK. Really sit down and think about you as a new mom at 50 or 60.Great if the dad is a 30 year old stud making a lot of money.
BarbieBaio BarbieBaio 5 years
Well, I do not think anyone should pose nude no matter what age. She is a beautiful! She just doesn't have to prove it to the whole world!
BarbaraShoemaker76621 BarbaraShoemaker76621 5 years
My husband's parents were older, I am not sure how old exactly but his brothers were 18 and 21 when he was born. The main issue was that they became ill by the time he was 17 and instead of learning what he wanted in life,he was learning how to give shots, and where to take which parent to which hospital for what treatments. My husband says no child should have to take care of both of your sick parents, it is hard enough to do if you are an adult, but as a barely grown child it is the worst.Then to have to bury them both within months of each other, he says was the hardest thing he has ever done, and he is now 61.
CoMMember13630580089055 CoMMember13630580089055 5 years
she doesnt look 50 she looks 70
DoreneCamp DoreneCamp 5 years
Im 42 and my kids are 18, 8, 7, and 3, two have autism, and I am exhausted. I love my kids but I wish I had had them when I was younger and had more energy.
AngelFlorek AngelFlorek 5 years
Well none of you know the physical being of this woman, she may be physically fit to raise a child with no problems. the only time people should worry bout age being a factor is if there are medical issues! The only reason people have an opinion at all about Anne is because she is famous, if it was any other ole plane jane no one would give a dam, leave the poor woman alone and let her be happy and raise her baby, beside I am sure she has everything else figured out! To many people are to judgemental anymore in this world woryring about some one else and not their own lives! Children are a blessing and god has a plan for us all and he is the one who decides when it is time, if it is possible at all!
darcellemcneill darcellemcneill 5 years
DebSaar DebSaar 5 years
joyarias joyarias 5 years
i have six children that i bore between 21-39 years of age. now at 52, running around with the three youngest of the brood is quite exhausting. having kids at a later age is a personal choice. as long as you are aware of the responsibilities and willing and able to handle them, it should not pose a problem. I just don't see myself going to the PTA with my 10-yr old at age 62!!! when i should be enjoying the company of my children's children. i love the idea that i can get to know the people who will be carrying on my genes..... my grandchildren.
HeydiManrique HeydiManrique 5 years
This woman is a very old 52. More like 62. All I can say is: Good luck!
rheaabrod rheaabrod 5 years
is it true???
JamilleMcClendon86651 JamilleMcClendon86651 5 years
You only live once....
KristenVice KristenVice 5 years
That's just wrong...
BrittneyArcher BrittneyArcher 5 years
it is very selfish to have a child when your in your 50s.It is important for a child to have their mother around for all their lifes milestones. high school graduation, college graduation their wedding day, these moms in their 50s are more likely not to be there for their children then young moms. yea they may be more financially sable but most people have financial stability in their 30s why wait so long? because they wanted to experience everything in life first, thats selfish.
YazminGilardez YazminGilardez 5 years
I have to agree with this mother being selfish and this not being fair to the children!
AngelaGajda AngelaGajda 5 years
Ok all the power to her for having children. Everone deserves to blessed with the joy of children. But the magazine cover is a little much.
BethHerzig19265 BethHerzig19265 5 years
Great story...
ClaireMarshall55241 ClaireMarshall55241 5 years
that is a very creepy picture :/
CathyT4346 CathyT4346 5 years
CoMMember13631124384579 CoMMember13631124384579 5 years
Are these women nuts??? I was 23 when I had my son & wondered, sometimes, if I had enough energy to keep up with him & all the work. And, I was a stay at home mom!!! This was 36 years ago, and there's no way I have enough energy to keep up now . . . I'm wondering if I'll be able to keep up with my grandson who was born in July!!!
kimjameson kimjameson 5 years
Children are a blessing. I am a 51 year old mother of 6 children 8 - 19 and loving every minute of. I would have another child in a heart beat but that has not been Gods choice for us. If a woman gets pregnat and didn't try is this ok? What age is the perfect age to make sure this does not happen? I think it interesting how many times we think we a calling all the shots. Does anyone know what the correct definition would be for this character trait?
AmaraObi AmaraObi 5 years
I really think 52 is too old to have a kid!!! i had two boys b4 i was 28 and it wasnt easy coping. i cant imagine how she'll manage at her age. she is too OLD.
amy93530 amy93530 5 years
Ii would rather be a younger mom. More time to spend with my kids before kicking the bucket
RobinRoyer RobinRoyer 5 years
I agree that age is nothing but a number ..I was 21 when i had my son and my own mom was 41 when i was born ,, but what i dont agree with is the quote above from some expert saying that the child will do better with an older mother and that the mother will be more "over-joyed" at the birth of the child .. Im sorry but as a mother of two children who myself is under the age of 25 i disagree .. ANY women who has a child and is truly a MOTHER to that child is over-joyed at the birth and every moment after .. Isnt that what the definition of a mother is ? To love and cherish our children no matter what and to help them grow and succeed in life ... the only thing i can figure is that they must have consulted a male expert lol because the way i see it ALL babies are blessings no matter the age of the mother that has them :)
MichelleTaylor21128 MichelleTaylor21128 5 years
I think 50 is too old to be starting a family, it's selfish, the poor child could be Without it's mother whilst still a teenager & posing for this picture... Well I think it's disgusting
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