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Pregnant Brain

Babysugar Diaries: Pregnant Brain Is in Full Effect

I have always been a wealth of information on past events in my circle of friends. I can remember names and faces of random acquaintances and happenings from our early years. Two years ago, however, my memory began failing me about the same time my belly began to grow a baby.

When scientists came out with a study proving that pregnant women experience more memory loss than a typical person, I was relieved. Unfortunately, I am going through the same process this time around. Instead of recalling my favorite honeymoon restaurant, my brain works over time to store information on preschools, grocery lists, and doctor's appointments.

I am wondering where this will leave me in another six months. Will I have half the memory I once had? In the meantime, I am using it to my advantage. Last night I "forgot" to make a delicious dinner for my family and had to order take–out.

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