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Pregnant Fashion Tips From the Experts

10 Tips For Remaining Chic While Pregnant From Real Fashionistas

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Face it, for all of excitement that comes with learning you're pregnant, the thought of having to forgo the season's hottest trends in favor of tent-like, Spandex-laden maternity clothes can put a real damper on the experience. Forty-three percent of LilSugar readers skipped the maternity stores and stuck with regular clothes throughout their pregnancies. They're not the only ones.

Over on Refinery29, the fashion and style site with an eye for real-life street style, the editors reached out to five ultrafashionable expectant women to see how they are maintaining their fashionista ways while pregnant. Among them is none other than our own Noria Morales, an editor on FabSugar. Check out the tips that Noria and the other four women have to get through your nine months as fashionably as possible!

Source: Refinery29

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