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Heidi Klum Skips Maternity Clothes to Maintain Her Style

Are maternity clothes just for the masses? While some celebrity moms are off designing their own lines of expectant frocks, others are quick to explain that they maintain their pre-pregnancy sense of style by forgoing paneled pants and tie-back shirts.

Heidi Klum, who is due with her fourth child this Fall, explained:

"My stylist tries to find things that are not maternity clothes, so I've been wearing a lot from The Row, by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I love their clothes. Marc Jacobs too. You just buy things in a size 10 — when you're doing a show on fashion, you still have to bring it on."

Though we all might not have the genetic disposition to pull off the Project Runway host's tricks, there are several ways to stay in your regular wardrobe for as long as possible. Were you able to skip maternity clothes completely?

Image Source: Bauer-Griffin Online
emanderson emanderson 8 years
I used to work at a pricey maternity shop. I would just die when I saw women spending $60 on a white tank top. When I was pregnant, I was fortunate enough not to gain too much weight. I got by with just a few pairs of maternity jeans, but bought most of my tops non-maternity, and actually am wearing most of them still a year later. Today's styles are very accommodating to a growing belly (long t-shirts, empire waists, relaxed fits). If you can, don't waste your money on maternity tops.
lms lms 8 years
I only bought a pair of jeans, a khaki capris and a white t-shirt. Everything else was regular clothes or just larger sizes. When I was pregnant the tight maternity clothes was not in style was coming with some people, but I just couldn't get into it. I didn't even start to really show until I was in my 6th month. Prior to that I could get away with just looking like a ate too much food.
BettyDraper BettyDraper 8 years
I tried to do this but I found that maternity clothes showed off my belly much better. Then again I didn't have a personal stylist or time to shop for regular clothes that I would look good as maternity clothes.
Maggie100181 Maggie100181 8 years
I am 5 months right now and I tried to stay away from maternity clothes...but sarah is right, all i see her wearing (from Pop o/c) are dresses so maybe tis the statement. I purchased some maternity pants but mostly I just buy larger sizes.
LadyAngel89 LadyAngel89 8 years
I could probably still find some regular jeans to wear... and I certainly have plenty of non maternity shirts that I can wear, but I love maternity pants. I think they are absolutely the most comfortable things ever. I will probably wear a few of my nicer maternity jeans long after I have my baby.
dakmo dakmo 8 years
Okay, that was a seriously depressing statement. Heidi Klum's pregnancy clothing size is my regular clothing size!!! : (
cutecurls cutecurls 8 years
I just wore my looser items/styles. I was lucky to not have to run out and buy new things. I even wore a couple pairs of jeans to the end !
Moms Moms 8 years
I've worn almost all non maternity tops and dresses, but had to invest in maternity jeans —regular ones (even in bigger sizes) are odd fitting this late into pregnancy. And, yes — Heidi has a huge advantage with a stylish and likely a tailor!
meandtheo meandtheo 8 years
i am in my ninth month and have managed to only buy three maternity items...i too mostly wear dresses/skirts so it is easier, i could not even come close to regular jeans at this point!
msjean msjean 8 years
also, obvs, most of us don't have stylists!
Chrstne Chrstne 8 years
My mom didn't wear much maternity. She was super skinny even when pregnant. She had a little belly. She got married 5 months pregnant with me or something, and I didn't know until I did the math...she was so tiny, no stomach. She could wear regular (but bigger) jeans comfortably.
SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 8 years
She almost always wears dresses so maybe that why bigger size works for her
masonsmama masonsmama 8 years
While I can see the benefit of trying to stay in "regular" clothes as long as possible, I don't get how just buying a bigger size would work throughout a pregnancy. I'm 7 months now and buying things several sizes bigger to accommodate my belly would mean it wouldn't fit right elsewhere, plus I can't imagine how this would work with pants. Good for Heidi - she sure looks great - but it's not practical for most women, I'd think.
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