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Pregnant Man on Oprah

Pregnant Man Tells His Story to the World

As many of you know, Thomas Beatie, also known as the transgender pregnant man, appeared with his wife, Nancy, on Oprah yesterday to share their story with the world.

For the people who anticipated a freak show, it was anything but as the loving couple chatted with Oprah about their decision to have a baby and to make it public. Adding even more normalcy, Nancy's two daughters from a previous marriage were there supporting their mama and step–dad.

To read more about the story,


Formerly known as Tracy, Thomas is now a man with his lady reproductive parts still in tact. Like many married folks, he and Nancy wanted to have a biological child. Thomas said it was a dream of his to eventually have a baby so he kept his reproductive organs when he began his gender transition. When the duo wanted to start their family, Thomas was the only one who could bear offspring as Tracy suffered from endometriosis and had her womb removed years ago.

A highly unusual situation, the couple has faced disbelief, disgust and dismay from many people.

The Beaties believe that the most important thing for a baby is to be surrounded by caring and loving parents despite their gender, sexual preferences, race, etc.

Tell us, do you agree with this couple's decision to reproduce?

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bigdzgirl bigdzgirl 9 years
Where to start...I've been out for a week or so...just because people don't believe in the bible doesn't mean it isn't right. The scripture says "all scripture is God breathed..." it was inspired by God, and I believe that if God thought that it had been twisted, he would have done something about it. It's not like he didn't make sodom and gomorah disappear due to their sins. And to whoever said that jews and muslims keep to may be right on the jewish angle (which I would too if I were them, just cause I think I'd be scared after Hitler and all) but muslims...well, you're wrong there. I mean, does 9/11 not ring any bells? They may have been extremist muslims, but they are still muslims. I think that Christians butt out alot, and saying that we should stay out of it, or whatever, is just trampling on our first ammendment right to free speech. The bible is right, and I know it because of how I feel...not my opinions, how I feel inside. God took a huge weight off of me when I got saved, and I physically felt it. I know you may not understand, but hopefully one day you will. Also, if Christians didn't go spreading the word, we would be ignoring something Christ told us to do...go tell it to the mountain!! It may be rude sounding to hear that you're going to hell, but it's better than never hearing it and ending up there anyway. At least I'd think so. I was raised in church, so I wouldn't know how a pissed off unbeliever would take it (other than the many that I've witnessed to...and the majority of those are believers now, and they're thankful and happy) So basically, unbelievers can rally together to try to get 'under God' (which we are even if it isn't in the pledge people!) taken out of the pledge of allegience, but Christians can't do anything about it. Wouldn't that make us all wussy bible readers? I mean, we are God's army...we are to act, not watch. We are not to be spectators, we are to be participants. We are to be persecuted for our beliefs, which you can read in half the comments on this blog. You don't have to believe that the bible is true. It would be better if you would, but you don't. That's why God gave us free will. To choose. You may make the wrong choice, but it's better than being forced, I guess. I understand that Tracy had to have a horrible past...otherwise she would still be a she. Legally. I don't think that they are right at all, but at the same time, I care more about how their child will be. Screw the situation...that poor child is going to be made fun of (and not just by bible thumpers either) It will be because it isn't typical, but it's not typical because it's wrong. All the things in the past that used to be atypical and now are typical...think about's because morally, we're sliding downhill fast. I'm sure no one will read this, and I don't care. It's a shame how bad the world has gotten. I can't imagine how bad it will be when my child arrives and is understanding stuff.
fishwlt fishwlt 9 years
Since Tracy lost her mother when she was 12 years old, she should have gone to therapy to deal with her loss instead of having a sex change operation. It appeared on the show that she was in need of a mother figure and that is why she developed a releationship with Nancy. Not really sure what the deal was with Nancy other than she is not the brightest light on the tree. I really feel for this baby because it will be brought up by two very unstable people. Maybe that is why God didn't intend for two women to have children.
greenbutterfly greenbutterfly 9 years
Too Too much T M I ! They could of kept this on the low! My brain has been trippin' since i heard of this story.What do you,and how do explain this to kids? I just don't know any more?!
lily8206 lily8206 9 years
I think it's a little deceiving saying a man is having a baby. I think there is a line you have to cross when changing genders and this 'man' has not done so. I fully support his right to live his life as he wishes, man or woman, but all these "Pregnant Man" articles are misleading. A WOman, who is living her life as a man and is married to a woman, is pregnant. I'm not sure what social standpoint I take on this issue, but the bottom line is that I hope the baby is healthy and that the family is full of love and support. I wonder about the effects on the baby when it's 'carrier' is still on enough testosterone to maintain that level of facial hair.
kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
I watched the Oprah show and the hormones didn't dry up Thomas' eggs. They used donor sperm and the wife inseminated Thomas w/ a syringe.
ohjeeze ohjeeze 9 years
Jubex you took the words right out of my mouth. I find it funny that Christians tend to be the only religious people that go around telling the world how to live. I have never had a Muslim or Jew come explain to me that if I don't do so and so or don't believe so and so I'm going to hell. They tend to keep their beliefs to themselves, I wish more Christians would do the same. Unfortunately many of them forget that God did not write the bible man did, so we in fact have no idea what God thinks is right or wrong, only what certain people thought God would condone. Hmcmcd, I wondered the same thing (I did not watch the show either). They can't have a biological child because neither of them have eggs (presuming the hormone treatments dried up his) or sperm. So I don't understand how he is doing this for his wife. If he is classified as a male in his state then they would have been able to adopt. Then again adoption agencies do background checks and probably would not have been to fond of giving them a baby.
julibul julibul 9 years
thank you M155
jubex jubex 9 years
the bible isn't an universal truth...some people belive it, some people don''s wrong to judge someone's life because a book says they are wrong...if you discuss it from nature's point of view than maybe that will be a reasonable argument....and, before you say anything, i'm not a bibliophobe, i've read parts of the bible, i was raised like a catholic so i'm not a hater
hmcmcd hmcmcd 9 years
where did the sperm come from? they said they wanted their own biological child, that's why they didn't adopt...I didn't see the Oprah show, so if any one can tell me that would be great!
hausfrau hausfrau 9 years
Wow these comments are really fascinating... Someone brought up "how can they be legally married?" since they are two lesbians and how there's probably a lot of gays who would be angry at that... thats a really interesting point that I never thought of... I think I would be mad if I were gay! If I were transgendered I think I would be irked at this as well, maybe I'm wrong but I was under the understanding that if you are transgendered you feel like you were born in the wrong body and you want to fix that so you change your sex. You don't go halfway and change your sex, you go all the way! Or maybe you do just dress as a man, but if you want to be a man, be a man, but don't have babies because they you aren't being a man, you're being a woman. I thought the couple seemed really in love and happy and thats good for them. But I also thought that Thomas came off as having some serious emotional issues and traumatic events in his life and to me, it seemed like he was doing this for attention more than anything, and he came off as insincere in his hope to be man. So I can see why some in the LGBT community would be angry with him.
joygwilson joygwilson 9 years
i agree with got_uterus.....the one thing that distinguishes a woman from a man is that WE can give birth. The fact that this man is proclaiming "his" pregnancy to the world proves that he truly does not want to be a man. He is a woman, will always be a woman. You are what you are when you are born. Your decision to dress like a man and stop shaving your pits doesnt make you a man! But giving birth does make you a woman.
jessy777 jessy777 9 years
Every comment again, has to do with what is "typical" and that is were I have a problem. Just because something has always been seen as "the right way" doesn't mean it is true. Everyone has a right to be happy as long as it isn't hurting someone else (so robbing a bank is out of the question) and I don't see how bringing a child into the world is hurting someone. Isn't that what the neo-conservatives want is to have a brimming population and all women (meaning those with a uterus) are supposed to have them. As for previous comments, I realize that today a single parent household isn't considered taboo but I was born and raised in the conservative South, in a small town and the comments people made about my mother and my siblings were offense and downright cruel. That is why I would never judge some-one's choices based on what is considered standard. There is no reason to be cruel or discount people's feelings and emotions while explaining your own and there have been too many comments on this post that do just that. I haven't put down anyone and I would appreciate the same respect.
heyhey123 heyhey123 9 years
No longer a model, missing the spotlight, it seems he/she was seeking 15 minutes of fame. I feel sorry for the child , the kids in school will really tease this one.
bigdzgirl bigdzgirl 9 years
Yeah, that's why I put Matthew 7...there's more than just half a verse that people take out of context! I don't think we'll be judged on the same issues, I think we'll be judged by our sins as an individual, but that's what I think. I agree with your bibliophobes statement!! Thank you!! Cause I'd sit down with anyone no matter what too..I'm not scared, I just don't agree.
bigdzgirl bigdzgirl 9 years
Thank you romaniagirl! Yes, m155, I saw the other definition; I didn't copy it in here cause I figured no one would understand, it's not the point of all this... and it is a social blah blah 'women' is a gender (that was an example by webster's dictionary...argue with that). Guess what? Last week I went to my obgyn, and the lady said "you wanna know the gender of your baby?" It's a he by the way you care. His gender is a boy, his sex is a boy...when you check the box male or female, it generally says sex, but gender works too. I can't believe that's what you're getting worked up over. I don't think that a child born a hermaphrodite who thinks his parents chose the wrong sex is wrong, but I think that messing with God's creation is. He made us the way he wants us. If he wanted Thomas to be a man, he would have gave that girl a penis, now wouldn't he??? And, actually, you can't gripe about people's ignorance if you don't take place in 'curing' it. It's like voting. My husband doesn't vote, cause all politians he knows that he can't bitch to me about it, cause he didn't do anything to help the situation. I do...of course, it's voting for the less of two evils anymore, but I still vote. So, if you wanna gripe about ignorance, shut up and fix it. Then you'd be helping the situation that you hate, and you'd not be griping! The best of both worlds!!
Leebob3 Leebob3 9 years
Interestingly, people who talk about judging only mention the first part of that verse. The rest of that verse is that if I judge someone then I will be judged with that same judgement (dare I say on the same issue). I am willing to take that chance on this issue. It is also amazing that when it comes to intolerance it is usually about any sexual issue that has been talked about in the scriptures. We are called "homophobes" and now "transgenderphobes". Phobia is not the issue here because I will sit down and talk to any person regardless of their particular issue without any fear whatsoever as others were willing to sit with me with my issue. So PLEEEASE lose the phobia talk. If anyone has a phobia it would be those "Bibliophobes" who are afraid to sit and discuss what the scriptures say. Perhaps in their spirit that God has placed within them they know they are wrong and are afraid themselves to face the issue.
rgrl rgrl 9 years
M155: No, it's not your job to educate people, but is it your job to put people down? You obviously feel like you are above most people who commented in this post because of your understanding of transgender issues. I hope that makes you feel good about yourself and puts a spring in your step and if you don't feel the responsibility to enlighten others then you should not be offended by people's ignorance!
ufshutterbabe ufshutterbabe 9 years
I see so many people getting all worked up over what are essentially cultural labels here. So what if you think Thomas is really a woman who just looks like a man - who cares? The only reason it looks "weird" to you is because society makes such a big deal about labeling certain traits as masculine and others as feminine. Is it more comfortable for you to ignore the fact that where Thomas lives, his local government labels him as a man? Then ignore it, and they're just two lesbians having a baby. Do you get all upset over a blond person dying their hair brown and "living life as a brunette" ? Thomas just changed appearance (through the use of hormones, clothes, hairstyles, etc.) - the new look happens to match what most people identify as "male" - how is this such a shocking thing? Would people be as upset to see any other short-haired, tomboyish female (aka: a female with fewer "feminine" characteristics) pregnant?
nuclear_winter nuclear_winter 9 years
i dont understand how this worked.. i didn't see the whole oprah episode though. answers?
M155-J4CK13 M155-J4CK13 9 years
romaniagrl: "Instead of calling people names, maybe you should try to enlighten them, since you have so much more knowledge." Really? It's my responsibility to educate ignorant people? (Most of whom are not looking to be educated, and are content in their ignorance.) No. I'm not going to argue about transgender rights with a bunch of transphobic people. If anyone is truly interested in learning about trans issues, they can pursue another source of knowledge/experience that doesn't involve me wasting my time. I'm not here to educate you. Your ignorance is not my responsibility. bigdzgirl: Well, I looked up the definition of gender, and funny enough, sex and gender are synonyms. They mean the same thing...unless of course, you're talking about having sex, then that's different..just so you know. And here's one for you... Synonym~ -A word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another word or other words in a language. -A word or an expression that serves as a figurative or symbolic substitute for another. Although we may use "sex" and "gender" synonymously, they are not the same. You have a biological sex, not a biological gender. Gender is a social construct. Try again.
jwtucson jwtucson 9 years
I knew a transgender who as a baby was a hermaphadite.The parents decided to go with the male organs.As Jim grew he felt female and had the surgery.Now as Jimela she married but did not tell her husband the whole story.Jimela had fallopian tubes but no uterus,Jimela bacame pregant through intercourse with her husband ,the fetus attached itself to her kidney.The Drs. were astounded as was her husband.The fetus lacking a true womb in which to develope miscarried during the 1st trimester.Isn't that something?
myconscience myconscience 9 years
M155 J4CK13 you said exactly what's on my mind! thanks!
bigdzgirl bigdzgirl 9 years
This should seriously tick off all the gay men and lesbians out there. I mean, it's the only loophole I see to get past the whole "man and woman" marriage thing...though I still don't understand how a person with a vagina, uterus, ovaries, and falopian tubes...just without mammory glands...can be a man! I'd love to hear the court/judge/whoever deemed that one explain his or herself on that decision. It's not like I think that they should make you drop your pants to prove your manhood, but sheesh!
bigdzgirl bigdzgirl 9 years
Sorry for the double print up there. My computer shut off and I didnt see it before I retyped it. Off subject, but...
bigdzgirl bigdzgirl 9 years
gen·der (jndr) n. 1. Sexual identity, especially in relation to society or culture. 2. a. The condition of being female or male; sex. b. Females or males considered as a group: expressions used by one gender Well, I looked up the definition of gender, and funny enough, sex and gender are synonyms. They mean the same thing...unless of course, you're talking about having sex, then that's different..just so you know. I think that having too much tolerance has gotten us this far. I don't advocate the beating or persecution of anyone...but I do believe in the first ammendment, so I can type what I want, and you and all the others can type what they want, and hopefully without a huge raise in blood pressure, we will finish this debate. Though I doubt this debate will ever be finished, since there are still whites who hate blacks. And if this whole chat group was all transgendered people (or just people who know what it means...I get what it means...I just don't know how they get to that point...) then it wouldn't be a debate, now would it? It'd be bias as hell.
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