As many of you know, Thomas Beatie, also known as the transgender pregnant man, appeared with his wife, Nancy, on Oprah yesterday to share their story with the world.

For the people who anticipated a freak show, it was anything but as the loving couple chatted with Oprah about their decision to have a baby and to make it public. Adding even more normalcy, Nancy's two daughters from a previous marriage were there supporting their mama and step–dad.

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Formerly known as Tracy, Thomas is now a man with his lady reproductive parts still in tact. Like many married folks, he and Nancy wanted to have a biological child. Thomas said it was a dream of his to eventually have a baby so he kept his reproductive organs when he began his gender transition. When the duo wanted to start their family, Thomas was the only one who could bear offspring as Tracy suffered from endometriosis and had her womb removed years ago.

A highly unusual situation, the couple has faced disbelief, disgust and dismay from many people.

The Beaties believe that the most important thing for a baby is to be surrounded by caring and loving parents despite their gender, sexual preferences, race, etc.

Tell us, do you agree with this couple's decision to reproduce?