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Pregnant Model Walks the Runway Naked

Pregnant Model Walks the Runway Naked

Did you feel beautiful enough when you were pregnant to bare it all? Sophie Cahill, a former Miss Wales in the U.K. who is eight months pregnant, walked the runway this past week in nothing more than a series of hats.

The show, which was for designer Robyn Coles' debut line, also featured four other nude models. Coles told the Daily Mail that she wanted to use Cahill in the show because it is rare to see pregnant women on the catwalk — but that her use of nude models was mostly for publicity. 

Read the full story (Daily Mail).  (WARNING: This article contains photographs with nudity.)

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BrielleSimpson BrielleSimpson 4 years
She's super sexy, she should be showing her body off!!
IngridaKern IngridaKern 5 years
People see nudity as sexuality in some cases and art in other. I say sexuality is more personality not nudity and how you approach it. We should not be ashamed of our bodies no matter how naked we are. It's just a part of a body, like arms, legs, nose and so on. And whoever wants to see it as a sexual thing they will no matter how much you wear. Some people are just sick in that matter. For God's sake we have sickos finding children as sexual objects. The more we make big deal about it the more it is. Another thing being at the beach half naked is totally ok and if you step out few feet away you already looked at differently. Our morals are so messed up these days that we forget what is really important in this life.
DenisePuccio DenisePuccio 5 years
I loved being pregnant and loved my body when I was. My hat goes off to her. I love it and wish people weren't so afraid to see a naked baby belly. It's a beautiful, amazing thing. We shouldn't be ashamed of our bodies.
Julie81316 Julie81316 5 years
Do our men REALLY like us showing as much of our private parts to others, as we think they do? ASK THE MARRIED GUYS
SerafineKlarwein SerafineKlarwein 5 years
Very interesting to read all these conflicting opinions. Of course, everyone is right!!! ;) As for me, I say finally!! Why should we have to put clothes on if we don't want to; I can't stand this enslavement to covering up. By having these events and showing the pictures around, naked bodies are becoming normalized, rather than something to fear, hide or exalt. I remember going to our beach where I live in Spain and seeing whole families of all shapes and ages sitting at the beach naked, playing cards. I don't particularly like to see all this flesh and detail but I like that everyone can feel free enough to feel good in that state. I love being naked though I don't like being watched. If it gets normalized then it won't be a big deal anymore. And for all you who are scandalized, tell me you don't wear pants, short skirts or bathing suits at the beach, because THAT used to be scandalous when women first started doing this! Now, it's time for men to get nekked on the runway AND to start wearing skirts too- poor men, need some liberating. In other countries, men wear wraps and gowns but in the occidental countries, god forbid you loosen that tight tight necktie and feel good in what you wear, no matter what it is.
JenniferCarr26898 JenniferCarr26898 5 years
@ Naomi Boitor The real definition. Gets YOUR facts Hunny.... Pornography or porn is the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter for the PURPOSES of sexual arousal and erotic satisfaction. And then to everyone else with a small mind here.. ITS A WOMEN WHO IS PREGNANT. LOL this is why they had this over in LONDON. Not the US where God for bid you show some friggin skin.
NaomiBoitor NaomiBoitor 5 years
Some Peopl below my comment don't know the definition of pornography... how sad. Define Pornograpy: Printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of SEXUAL ORGANS or sexual material... NO duh... think twice before you write down that it's not pornography.. By definition it is... by your standard? Well... that's just what it is.. your standard not a FACT definition. SORRY :/
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