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Pregnant Teacher Fired

Catholic School Fires Unwed Pregnant Teacher

These days, it has become more common — and even more acceptable — for children to be born out of wedlock. The Catholic Church, however, still frowns upon this practice, and due to its opinion, one woman has lost her job. Shaela Evenson, a Catholic school teacher in Montana, was fired for becoming pregnant while unmarried. An educator at Butte Central Middle School, Evenson says she is pursuing legal action, but she may not have much of a case.

Patrick Haggarty, the superintendent of Catholic schools for the Diocese of Helena, says Evenson violated a contract which, "requires her to respect the moral and religious teachings of the Catholic Church in both her professional and personal life."

"The Catholic moral teaching is that the sacrament of marriage is a holy union between a man and a woman," Haggarty told USA Today. "Not only do we teach that to the children kindergarten through 12th grade, but we're held to that standard as well."

Do you think the school was right to fire Evenson?

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SharonKnox1395181959 SharonKnox1395181959 3 years

What did the contract say???? Anyone who has sinned or is sinning cannot teach at our school. Or, only sins that are obvious are not allowable? But if you overeat, lie or cheat in any form, or lust, that's okay as long as we can't see it.

SharonKnox1395181959 SharonKnox1395181959 3 years

"He who is without sin, cast the first stone." - Jesus

Sharon15371967 Sharon15371967 3 years
Perhaps she had "sex" with a turkey baster and sperm from a donor... Sarahklein is making assumptions, because a man and a choice are presumptions... May not be fact. Hmmm...
sarahklein1376571579 sarahklein1376571579 3 years
Someone commented that the teacher could be pregnant from rape. I doubt that is the situation in this case as being pregnant from rape is not against the Churches rules - having an abortion would be. She is pregnant because she chose to have sex with a man she is not married too. That is what she signed up to uphold in her contract. She is fired for breech of contract. I'm not Catholic, but wouldn't want her teaching my kids either. I want my kids to value sex for marriage.
LillianaValle LillianaValle 3 years
Catholic learning institutions and organizations, just like private Universities and alike, have a LEGAL RIGHT to instill their own rules when it comes to employees. She knew what she was signing, she knew her duties, responsibilities, and what was expected/not expected of her. If she felt pregnancy family planning was nine of her employers business then she should not have taken the job. To those who wonder if a man would be fired for the same crime (children out of wedlock) the answer is YES. There is a Christian school near me that recently fired several teacher's who were not Christian. Well, I'm sure they should of had that stipulated in the contract as well. Just as I wouldn't want a pediatrician performing a papsmear, I would not want a non catholic, or a catholic who is not living up to his/her beliefs teaching my catholic child. I am still always surprised at the negativity directed at the catholic church.. As always, the stronger negative thoughts come from those who know NOTHING about Catholicism. Please educate yourself to where you have some knowledge of what your criticizing before you post negative remarks about something you know nothing about.
SallyBackhaus SallyBackhaus 3 years
Don't play the game if you won't follow the rules.
Goodperson2 Goodperson2 3 years
Perhaps they should respect the moral and religious teachings and leave the judgement to The Lord.
MaryDaughenbaugh MaryDaughenbaugh 3 years
It is the policy and we need to learn to live within the rules. I own a company and we have to make those decisions on our policy book too. Sometimes that is hard. Let's look at this another way, how do you teach children about the commandments from which the Catholic rules if you will were derived, when you aren't fulfilling them? Absolutely things get by, but a pregnancy would be difficult to keep from kids and not that it is bad, because I hate when people think it's bad, but it does have an impact that way. It is unfortunate, look at our world, maybe if relations were meant as they should be for marriage and commitment rather than casual as many are, and may not be in this case, she may marry and be happy for years, but it is still not the best way to start. I am Catholic, I am married and was engaged when I became pregnant. I didn't even want to stay at my job at an office, I was embarrassed, that sounds crazy right? Well, I wonder if it really is.... my oldest daughter is beautiful just turned 40 so I'm ancient right? Not so much. Wisdom does come with age, but I think I had a lot years ago because I was raised Catholic, in Catholic schools which made me who I am today with the help of my parents. My dad was not Catholic but was sure we were in Catholic schools and went to church every Sunday. This girl is a beautiful girl too, and I feel she would be in a better place in her life if she left on her own, she knows she didn't meet her contract rules. It happens, but don't blame those who have the rules, take the hit, and you'll be stronger and better for it and maybe someday will understand when your little one needs to learn about this same thing. You will hope for he or she to marry for love, forever and it's not an easy thing these days. I say we need to look at all religions, God loves her and so does the Catholic Church, we had to take our "punishments" during life I don't like that word, but if we don't have rules in our lives, our homes and respect those who are teaching us, parents and teachers our world wouldn't be so good. It's a little scary these days. I see where it's turning around some in our area with our teenagers, then there are those who didn't have family, those they could respect and allow to teach them, we are responsible for them too in the Catholic Church, in all churches and those without church. There are great people in all walks of life. Someday those who don't think much of the Catholic Church might research a little that we do - helping others and overseas, Catholic Relief Services help more than any. You are right God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit wouldn't turn anyone away, she isn't turned away she can join our church, come to Mass with those same kids, just not teach - it's school, and there are rules. We aren't a perfect world and we are called to help each other. I'm sure that Catholic priest and teachers would help this girl in any way needed.... just can't hold the job, rules are rules.
Sharon15371967 Sharon15371967 3 years
Has anyone given thought to contemplate the fact that she may have possibly been raped, or some other atrocity...? I know, this teacher should have opted for an ABORTION. Great loving solution! Perhaps she is gay, and she chose to have in-vitro? What difference does it make? I don't believe Mary, mother of Jesus, was married either... Wait, wait, don't tell me, the Catholics see it differently? So all acts of morality need to be brought in. What about the priest screwing little boys? Oh, that's ok? What about the mother and teacher that allows her boyfriend to spend the night and beat her children. Or the catholic school principal sitting at the bar waiting for his fifth drink. Truly, I'm stumped, not to mention appalled!
juliadoherty juliadoherty 3 years
As the parent of a Catholic school student I would be disappointed in the schools action as I don't think firing the teacher fits into what would Jesus do. This one school does not represent what every school would do just as different parts of the country are more Conservative specific churches are more Conservative. As a CAREER COUNSELOR with almost 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE I would say that employers do what they want. If she was a highly loved teacher by students, parents and administrators they would have found a way to keep. These types of cases are often more complex than they seem. Sometimes an employer uses contract violations to get rid of people they want to get rid of then look the other way for employees they consider valuable players. It's possible she was a great teacher but if the principle really wanted to keep her I am sure a solution would have found a way.
MarcelaMunoz MarcelaMunoz 3 years
The Lord hates the sin, although He loves the sinner. I have a question for that 'Catholic School': What do you think the Lord would do in this case?
KeriRozansky KeriRozansky 3 years
The Catholic church is a private institution. The school has a clear code of conduct, which the teacher violated. When I began the application process for substituting in the local diocese where I live, it does not require you to be Cathoic, but it requires you to agree to promoting the Catholic faith and setting a good Christian example. She is not setting a good Christian example for her students, she is not following the company's rules/regulations/etc. If she was working for any other big corporation and violated it's rules of ethics or whatever, she could be fired immediately without any newsmaking or backlash. We would have never heard about this if she wasn't a Catholic school teacher.
ZeesMuse ZeesMuse 3 years
It's the Catholic Church, folks. They were within their rights. She committed sin in their eyes and what sort of role model does this teach the children parents have paid to place there? Yes, we teachers have the right to a private life, but when you work for a religious institution, the rules are more strict and you KNOW that when you hire on.
J-DeniseMcCall1386454232 J-DeniseMcCall1386454232 3 years
I think that the church may be able to finagle this to their advantage but maybe not. If the contract only says respect their religious codes the decision should hinge on respect. I think I can respect your tenets without submitting to them. I mean I can respect the fact that you go to confession but I dont have to. I can respect the fact that you wear rosary beads without wearing them. I can respect the fact that you speak Latin sometimes doesnt mean Im going to learn it. Is the church morally wrong yes. They are turning their back on her. Do they turn their back on all sinners? Was she morally wrong yes. I'm not a lawyer or a judge though, just my opinion.
MichellePence MichellePence 3 years
If I were to send my child to a school that supported my religious beliefs, I would be deeply offended if action was NOT taken towards a teacher undermining those beliefs. I am Christian, and believe the Bible, and you better believe I would NOT send my children to a catholic school because they promote the worship of idols, but they do clearly say what they believe, and the teacher signed a statement that she would follow that both professionally and personally.
LindaNasman LindaNasman 3 years
She clearly violated her contract and the teaching of the catholic church. Of course they had a right to fire her. She could have chosen to teach in the public schools where this would not be an issue. As the other person said, God hasn't changed his Word even if society has changed.
Rhiannonf34 Rhiannonf34 3 years
She signed the contract and failed to live up to that agreement. The Church has every right to fire her. That said, I have to wonder if they fire men who have children out of wedlock or are only women fired because their sin is so apparent? The Catholic Church is under no obligation to change its policies to be up to date with modern society. Their doctrine is taken straight from the Bible and last I heard God hasn't updated it.
CharmaineHetem CharmaineHetem 3 years
The older I get, the more I see organised religion in a negative light. Having said that, there are 2 sides to any story. The employer (in this case the church), needs to relook at their policy and deal with this kind of thing is a different way. I think workers should have rights and it should not be overridden due to religious beliefs. In cases like this, the church for example could put the lady on extended leave, enabling her to return to work after the birth of her child. Employees also need to take some responsibility and make sure they understand their eomployment contract. If the employment contract clearly states that pregnancy outside of wedlock is a offense that leads to dismissal (and the country's labour laws allow this - God forbid), the employee should rather seek unpaid leave until after the birth or resign. This is unfortunately a modern day example of the evil of organised religion and the church's inability to deal with modern times.
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