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Pregnant Woman Kicked Off Bus Over a Smelly Diaper (VIDEO)

Pregnant Woman Kicked Off Bus Over a Smelly Diaper (VIDEO)

Has your child's diaper ever offended anyone?

We're feeling for pregnant Seattle mom Nichole Hakimian, who was recently kicked off a King County Metro bus because of the smell of her son's diaper. "I feel like I was being discriminated against and bullied, and it made me feel like crap. It really did," she told KOMO News.

Hakimian was taking her one-year-old son to see a doctor because he had a stomach flu. He pooped just when she got on the bus, and the driver told her that the smell was too strong for everyone and that she needed to step off.

Hakimian, who is four months into her pregnancy, discovered a nearby clinic where she could change her son's diaper before trekking a half mile to his doctor appointment. She called Metro to complain, and they're looking into the situation.


Watch the video at>>

Image Source: KOMO News

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DebbieMcCormick92712 DebbieMcCormick92712 4 years
That's crazy! If people start throwing people off a bus due to smells, that about someone with gas? You farted, it's bad, get off! I have a real problem with people using no common sense or having no compassion for other people.
CoMMember13631166098074 CoMMember13631166098074 4 years
yeah i think it is bad to BUT think of it this way you wouldnt wont to sit near a person for an unknown time that smelled even if it was a kid or a person that didnt take a shower? WE all complain when someone wears to much fragrance and ask them to leave or make faces, i don't think it was that bad and why didn't she just get bad on the next bus ??????? and living in Seattle,, and what does 4 months prago have to do with anything IM 7 months and i still can walk 1/2 mile
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