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Pregnant Woman Struck By Lightning Gives Birth

Pregnant Woman Struck By Lightning Gives Birth

Thirteen weeks into her pregnancy, a Colorado woman named Stephanie Alberti was temporarily paralyzed when she was struck by lighting. With concerns about how the shock might have impacted her baby, she went to the doctor for monitoring every single week for the remainder of her pregnancy.

We were happy to read that Stephanie gave birth this week to a healthy baby girl, Sophia! The relieved new mom told that she and her husband had lightened their load of worries during the pregnancy by joking that the baby would be born with superhero abilities.

Read the full story here (KKTV).

What did you worry about during your pregnancy?

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TraceyCampbell41271 TraceyCampbell41271 5 years
I think some one above was definately looking out for you when that lightening bolt hit you, and then continued to watch over you until the birth of your child... wow!!! What an amazing story to tell her when she is older ;-) How have you been feeling since the birth? Well I hope. Blessed be to all in your family. :-) And continued good fortune. ;-)
KristinaHowden KristinaHowden 5 years
Congratulations, what a shocking experience for you both and you made it! That is amazing :)
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