They say there is a bit of truth behind every joke. Case in point? This video treasure condemning (and somehow, celebrating) the self-contentedness of expectant women from comedian duo Garfunkel and Oates. Having carried two babies — and another on the way! — I can recognize and admit the sense of accomplishment that comes along with pregnancy. It's hard to express to nonmothers, but heck, I'm making a baby over here. Of course, that's a sentiment that can rub single women or those actively trying to get pregnant the wrong way. I'll let the funny girls say it for me:

Pregnant women are smug. Everyone knows it, but nobody says it cause they're pregnant. . . "So is it a boy or a girl?" "Oh, we know, but we're not telling." "What are you gonna name it? "Oh, we know, but we're not telling."