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Baby Bump: Prenatal Diet May Mean Early Periods

What you eat while pregnant, may affect more than your waistline. A recent study claims that a woman's prenatal diet may influence the age at which her unborn daughter will begin to menstruate. For expecting ladies who indulge their taste buds with ice cream, cookies and other fattening treats, this news may be unwelcome.

Doctors from the University of Auckland conducted a study using pregnant lab rats. During their pregnancy and nursing period, some were fed high fat diets. The remaining rats were given standard rat fare. In addition to the mother's diet being monitored, the researchers monitored the baby rats' diets, which were also divided into fatty and regular food. The results showed that regardless of the baby rat's diet, the rats whose mothers were fed high fat diets while in utero started to menstruate earlier than their counterparts.

The lead author of the study, Dr. Deborah Sloboda said:

This might suggest that the fetal environment in high-fat fed mothers plays a greater role in determining pubertal onset than childhood nutrition.


Would these findings affect your food choices?

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