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Prenatal Yoga

Baby Bump: Prenatal Exercises

Being pregnant doesn't mean you have to give up exercise. But if marathon training is part of your daily ritual, that's a different story. Here are some ways to keep active while a new life develops inside you.

To learn about three popular prenatal activities,


  1. Walking: Since you can walk wherever and whenever you please, this one should be a no brainer. Just remember to take it easy. And, if you are planning on taking a longer stroll— bring water, a snack and a cell phone in case of an emergency.
  2. Prenatal Yoga: Similar to traditional yoga, mums–to–be have the option to stretch and pose in strengthening positions, but are shown variations depending on their comfort and ability levels.
  3. Prenatal Swimming: Swimming is an excellent exercise for pregnant ladies because it relieves a lot of the pressure that the growing belly puts on the mama's back. It also helps strengthen the arms and legs without exerting force on the back or belly. Plus, there's a mental benefit to feeling light as a feather as you bob around the water.

All of the above exercises can help a mom get physically prepared for the laboring process. But whatever exercise you choose to do, be aware of your body's limitations and check with your physician first.

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Rupesh6912 Rupesh6912 6 years
Sitting on a pregnancy ball is excellent for reducing back pain Thanks for the support of soft but firm ball, you can tilt the pelvis slightly, which includes reducing the pressure buildup. More than a slight jump while sitting stimulate the spinal fluid. Use in pregnancy with a shot to adapt the exercises to the sitting position can also be very beneficial for those who wish to remain active, to add support, comfort and ease pressure on joints, while allowing freedom of movement.
Jennifer777 Jennifer777 9 years
I do pilates to stay fit, along with my cardio. I plan to add swimming as soon as the weather stays warm (or I switch my gym membership to the Y which has an indoor pool...)
niklectric niklectric 9 years
I would have spent the last month of my pregnancy submerged in water if it were possible. Seriously, that last month was so hard on my hips and back from all the weight. Swimming was the absolute best relief for that pain!
fjaril fjaril 9 years
I do all of the above plus aqua aerobics at the gym. I've gained 9 pounds and am due March 14th. My Dr is super happy, the baby is growing nicely and at this rate, I'll weigh less after the birth!
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