A burgeoning belly often invites unsolicited advice from strangers and friends. When I was pregnant the first time around, I was shocked at how many people asked me if I was going to prep my nipples for breastfeeding. Come again? I'm sorry, I think you just asked me if I was going to prepare my breasts for nursing.

Let me first address this issue: It is nobody's business but my own if I will choose to prep or not prep my nipples. Second, are you kidding me? I heard some women use a wet washcloth to nearly rub their areolas raw in preparation for the suckling. No thank you. If pain is the name of the game, I am sure I will have enough of it when the time comes — as in, when the baby arrives!

I was surprised that those who inquired didn't show up with a cheese grater, pumice stones, or a jar full of piranhas and a card that read, "Good luck breastfeeding! Here are some devices to help you get ready!"