The Princeton Review for 3-year-olds? It may sound a bit crazy but many parents are signing their tots up for prep programs to help their offspring gain admission into the top public and private elementary schools of their choice. That's right, elementary. Often the trendsetting city, New York has a handful of tutoring companies like Bright Kids NYC that will coach children in learning visual analogy, reasoning and other "gifted" talents. If their child scores well, their chances of getting into a public school "gifted" program are increased. Prices range between $90 - $145 a session, which may seem outrageous but when compared to a $20K kindergarten tuition at a private school, it's a bargain.

Quick to follow in New York's footsteps, many other cities are starting to see these types of businesses taking off. Many argue it creates an unfair playing field as some parents can't afford to partake in such programs. Others believe it's ludicrous to put that kind of pressure on such a young child. What's your take on such programs?