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Pretty Babies: What's Fueling the Diva Trend for Little Girls

Pretty Babies: What's Fueling the Diva Trend for Little Girls

Pretty Babies: What's Fueling the Diva Trend for Little Girls

Skinny jeans for babies? Padded bikini tops for prepubescent girls? Eyebrow waxing and pedicures for the tot set?

Welcome to the world of pint-sized kids and babies who keep up with the Kardashians. With TV shows like TLC’s Toddlers &Tiaras shining the spotlight on parents who push their toddlers to strut their stuff (including makeup, false eyelashes and spray tans) in a quest to win sparkly crowns, and an increasing number of spas offering services for the three-and-under set, the backlash can't be far behind.

Just ask moms of daughters like Ava G., a Circle of Moms member with a toddler, who says that the sexualization of infants and toddlers warps a young girl's developing self esteem.


“I don't want to send my daughter the message that she is not good enough," seconds Juleah W. "If she thinks I have to put her in heels, a wig, make-up, and spray-on tan before I think she is cute, I have failed."

Adds Kristen G., writing in the Moms of Little Princesses community, “Little girls shouldn't wear suggestive clothing. I have a hard time understanding why some parents dress their little girls up like Hoochie Mamas. I for one don't want my little girl to lose the innocence of childhood any sooner than she has to.”

And Emily R. says Toddlers and Tiaras is "absolutely ridiculous."

“Whatever happened to letting little girls be little? Instead of playing with dolls she's off having her nails done?" she adds, incredulously.

Not everyone thinks it's so ridiculous however. Spas like the Little Diva Day Spa in Erie, PA. and Spa Babies in Denville, N.J. are hoping to capitalize on the trend by offering pedicures to girls as young as two.

And hope they may well continue: many moms will have none of it for reasons that are purely pragmatic:

"Kids don't need that. Waste of money," says Joanna G. "If anyone gets to go to the spa, it's me."

(For the viewpoint of moms who put their daughters on the pageant circuit, see Striking a Pose: Moms Debate Children's Pageants and Modeling)

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anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 4 years
Well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Maybe these moms realize that because their gene pool is so shallow they need to start their girls young in order to land a money maker. Trying to afford a quality education is probably out of the question and most likely it would be wasted on the offspring of these morons! The problem is that many of these girls will end up pregnant before they hit adulthood. This vicious cycle propagates itself. I have never seen "Toddlers and Tiaras" and I never will. Why should I feed into that nonsense when there are more interesting shows on TV about our universe, ancient history, and even shows like "Little House on the Prairie" which at least tried to instill hard-work, ethics, and a good moral foundation for youth? Hearing about these glam pushing mothers, seeing headlines about the Kardashians, and having once watched one of these talent seeking shows, makes me wish I lived back in the Pioneer times when hard work and intelligence was valued instead of shallow material possessions and looks!!!!!
TamaraPhillips39324 TamaraPhillips39324 6 years
I agree to everything that this article is saying.Pagents are not a bad thing if it is all natural,I have no problem putting little bit in one like that.But the high glits like Toddlers and Tiaras is a flat out NO! But I would take little bit to go her a little pedi,Just the toe nails painted while I was getting mine done.I do not see the harm in that.But a spa that is aimed towards TODDLERS is just flipping ridiculous! I am trying to make little bit have a normal childhood and try not to make her grow up too fast like I did.
Denise33130 Denise33130 6 years
I am the proud mother of 2 beautiful daughters, ages 8 and 3 and I have to say that going to a nail salon and getting our nails done is just as precious as playing with thier dolls or going to the park. I don't think that going out to get a mani or pedi with your daughter should be put in the same classification as putting false eyelashes on. I've seen the show Toddler and Tiara's and go out of my way to change the channel when it's on because I find it very sad.
CharlotteStranex CharlotteStranex 6 years
I have a 4yr old half sis and if i found out her mum was sexualizing her in that way i would give her a slap (the mum i mean)......dressing young girls up like that is just encouraging pedophilia!!
RashekiaJohnson RashekiaJohnson 6 years
My name is Laila and I am the proud owner of spa-kidz in smyrna. Ga. I would rather take my daughter to a spa for kids vs an adult spa. Spa's for kids give little girl's a innocent experience. I only offer kid appropriate services. I don't do massage for little girls I don't believe in that. There should be a limit in what's appropriate And that's what we believe in at spa-kidz. WWW.
AnissaFranks AnissaFranks 6 years
My two year old loves wearing pretty pink nail polish! She also has skinny jeans she wears with her uggs! Those things dont sexualize a child, it depends how you dress the child as a whole ounfit. Ive seen a little girl in walmart wearing an outfit a playboy bunny would love and she was maybe 7 years old! And most of the toddler mani & pedis are very minimal and are more of a mommy and me thing than anything... atleast the ones around where i live.
JessicaParker JessicaParker 6 years
i dont even have a daughter but ya i disagree as well i dont think this would make a child fell less self worth but i do feel a child should remain a child and not some people ideas of a personal dress up doll, im used to seeing lil girls playing in sand box, baking cookies, chasing the lil boy that just stole their barbie, climbing trees these lil girls will become more self centred on their looks later in life let them get muddy and have a good time
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