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Pretty Girl Names

The Prettiest Names For Girls

Looking for a pretty girl name? We asked moms on our Facebook page to share the prettiest girls' names they've ever heard, and their ideas absolutely poured in. Here we've rounded up some favorites, from pretty middle names for girls to names that start or end with particular letters. Read through for a ton of baby-naming inspiration.

Pretty Girl Names Inspired by Nature

Encompassing from everything from flowers and herbs to gemstones and seasons, the natural world is a huge source of inspiration for pretty girl names. Beautiful plant-inspired names include Violet, Lily, Willow, Jasmine, Flora, Olivia, Ivy, Holly, Hyacinth, Daisy, Saffron, and Rosemary. Stones and gems have also lent their names to monikers including Amber, Ruby, Pearl, Ivory, and Jade. Other pretty nature-based girls names to consider are Brooke, Rayne, Aurora, Dawn, Savannah, and Luna or seasonal names like Summer, Autumn, Winter, January, April, Mae, and June.

Pretty Middle Names For Girls

Have your daughter's first name picked out but can't decide on a middle name? Rose, Grace, and Marie are all popular pretty middles names. If those don't strike a chord, other middle names moms recommend include Paige, Elizabeth, Emma, Lynn, and Rae.


Pretty Girl Names Starting With "A"

Sometimes parents are drawn to a specific letter. If you're hunting for the perfect "A" name for your daughter, here are some pretty picks other moms love: Arianna, Abigail, Angelina, Amelia, Avery, Ava, Aubrey, Aria, Ashlynn, and Athena.

Pretty French Girl Names

Francophiles, rejoice! We're rounded up the following 10 recommendations for pretty girl names that are French in origin: Genevieve, Amélie, Mathilde, Aurelie, Giselle, Sophie, Josephine, Juliette, Odette, and Colette.

Pretty Irish Girl Names

If you're drawn more toward names of Irish origin, Quinn, Fiona, Teagan, and Kiera are all popular recommendations for pretty girl names.

Glamorous Pretty Girl Names

Trying to find a name that's a little glamorous? Names like Scarlett, Audrey, Bridgette, Penelope, Ava, and Marilyn have all belonged to Hollywood screen sirens. "V" names just have a glamorous ring to them — think Victoria, Vivian, or Valentina.

Ending With "La"

There's something so soft and pretty about girls names that end in a "la" sound. Isabella is particularly popular right now, but we also love Layla, Willa, Isla, Lila, Arabella, Jayla, and Delilah.

Pretty Girl Names Ending with "Ee" Sounds

Everyone's ears are different, however — if you're not partial to names with the -la ending, a bright "ee" sound is another pretty way to go. Some of the "ee"-ending names moms recommended are Hailey, MacKenzie, Leilani, Bree, and Zoe.

Pretty Place Names For Girls

Want to name your daughter after a special place? We've seen all these pretty place names used for girls: Dakota, Brooklynn, Sydney, Ireland, Paris, London, Charlotte, Florence, Alexandria, Aspen, Eden, Carmel, Sicily, Vienna, Sahara.

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Join The Conversation
JenniferNewkirk1392307197 JenniferNewkirk1392307197 3 years
I'm having twin girls , Savanna Rose & Haley Marie :)
blessedparent blessedparent 3 years
The name Kara Lena and Ada Lynn is nice names:-)
Katarina-RashaeSikes1390278581 Katarina-RashaeSikes1390278581 3 years
I have twin girls, their names are Esmerelda Love and her twins name is Emerald Lovell
LiliBroadbent1389505830 LiliBroadbent1389505830 3 years
My daughters middle name is azurah-elizabeth, azurah means sky blue and elizabeth comes from my grandmother
JasminePerez1389498923 JasminePerez1389498923 3 years
HayleyNHuero HayleyNHuero 3 years
I really like gianna, audrey, kalila and kalani Kayla too but kinda common
tiffanyrutledge1388353355 tiffanyrutledge1388353355 3 years
thessalonia eyada
jurisimprudence jurisimprudence 3 years
Inside of a generation, naming conventions have gone from those that honor tradition, virtues, our Christian heritage, etc., to those that better suit a new line of lipstick. I will invent a new name following the modern convention (and the modern penchant for spelling no better than an eighth grader): Saphyra MacKae Smith. Poor little Saphyra MacKae (her parents insist on calling her both names) is born having no idea that her name is a glitter-encrusted, sugar-sweet nothing, which only 40 years ago would have been a stage name for an exotic dancer. She has no idea that she has the cards seriously stacked against her when she comes to my firm looking for a job. It won't occur to her for years that Elizabeth Jones or Hannah Johnson or Jennifer Lee Williams have a huge advantage over her, and she may never know why. Perhaps only later in life will Saphyra MacKae realize that names like hers – modern-sounding names – are no longer only names. They are trophies; they are bragging rights, decorations. And they say volumes about the taste, discernment, and (frankly) level of education of the parents that inflict them on their children.
Amanda15101936 Amanda15101936 3 years
My oldest daughters name is Malea (Ma-lee-ah) Reece & my younger daughter is MaKenna Lee. I still love both their names!
carolina1384060867 carolina1384060867 3 years
My baby girl is Brandi Yvonne... I love the way that sounds to me...guess science it's my baby girl..te-he
Elenid14994078 Elenid14994078 3 years
My Sister's name is Enid.She name me Elenid. I decided to name my oldest daughter Melenid Marie & my youngest Alenis Mae .
AnnieBooker AnnieBooker 3 years
My granddaughter is Blayze Elizabeth. Totally suits her. She's feisty, hot tempered and pretty.
HeatherRichards66974 HeatherRichards66974 4 years
My daughter is Melody Anne. When she was little she hated it because she couldn't find it on pencils and the like, but now that she is 25 she loves have a unique name.
KierraWelch1378894300 KierraWelch1378894300 4 years
My daughters name is Jaitlyn Lauryn, my oldest is Kelis Reneè..
AmandaN1378012120 AmandaN1378012120 4 years
My girls' names are Diana (Deana in spanish) Elizabeth (first name hubby picked and middle name after my great grandma) and Kathalina Gloria after both grandmas. :-):-)
Karladidonato1378607123 Karladidonato1378607123 4 years
My baby 2 months old name is Sophia Marie . I loved the name Sophia from the show "Sofia the first" besides she is our firs girl and our princess . Her middle name was from her grandmother( daddy side) she died 3 hours before Sophia was born.
MelyndaPingal MelyndaPingal 4 years
My newest childs name. Is Irelynn Lily. Oldest daughter is Khloe Elizabeth ( named before the Kardashian craze ) my youngest son is Neil Edward and my eldest son is Jamesen Noah.
IsabelEstrada1377887796 IsabelEstrada1377887796 4 years
My daughter name is Keren Noemi and my other one will be Kayla Hadassah
samanthacochrane1376321951 samanthacochrane1376321951 4 years
My daughters name is Layla-Skye !!
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