Princeton Ten Year College Reunion and Babies
Ten Years Out of College and All Grown Up

While heading back to Princeton for my husband's ten year college reunion this weekend, I thought back to his five year one where we danced, partied and sang atop tables until the wee hours of the morning. Now five years later, there was a dramatic change in scenery.

The beer was prominent and the music made my body bounce since the bass caused the ground beneath my feet to vibrate. But, the nursing mothers, stroller brigades and pregnant bellies that cavorted around the campus became more obvious than beer games.

To see pictures of the evident baby tide,


There is a well-known tradition called the "P"–rade. It is one of the few events that kiddos can enjoy just as much as their parents. Families and their classmates march down the main street of campus dressed up in similar orange and black gear with tiger tails draped from onesies. In years past, people sat back and drank until their class was allowed to join the P–rade. This year, mothers nursed, potty seats were scattered amongst the bark and leaves, diapers were tossed and non–alcoholic beers were consumed by the six packs. Still, most of the men, non–expecting mothers and single ladies partook in the debauchery.

Looking forward to a twenty year reunion, I know the strollers will still be around, but grade school children and small rugrats will rule the roost. Nostalgic about the old days, wrinkled and tired parents will likely be air guitaring to "Living on a Prayer" and sighing, "Remember the 10th? We were so young."

i used to go to my grandpa's princeton reunion! omg it was so much fun and i remember the parade! the last one we went to was in 2006, for my grandpa's 65 year reunion (he graduated in '41), unfortunately he passed away last year so i won't be able to take part in the parade! ahh good memories tho!
haha this is funny--I cant wait for mine and wonder how much they will change over the years--reunions are hugeeee at my university!
I've never head of a college reunion....If I got an invitation to my 5 or 10 year college reunion, I can assure you I wouldn't know one other person there. All of my friends in college were different ages. I'm sure these are more common at smaller campuses. I graduated college with probably 2500 people.
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