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Protecting Kids From Skin Cancer

Pediatric Melanoma's on the Rise: Protect Your Kids!

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We're more than halfway through the Summer, so you've had plenty of opportunities to get into the sun and soak up some vitamin D. But have you been soaking up more than you bargained for out there? Melanoma's on the rise, and a recent article in the journal Pediatrics reports that incidences of pediatric skin cancer have risen two percent each year on average, a scary statistic if you think about the number of children playing in the sun each day. Harder to detect in kids than adults, signs of pediatric melanoma include tumors that are symmetrical and lacking pigmentation, rather than abnormally shaped dark bumps on adults.

The surest way to protect kids from the deadly disease is to shield them from the sun whenever possible. Lucky for you, it's easy and more fashionable to do than you think! Click through for our complete guide to keeping little ones safe all Summer long.

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