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Psychotherapy For Infants

Do Infants and Toddlers Need Psychotherapy?

Social anxiety and major depression? They may sound like diagnoses for new moms and dads who are having a tough time adjusting to parenthood, but they're actually labels placed in tots as young as seven months old in the world of infant psychotherapy.

An in-depth article in yesterday's The Daily delves into the "strange and controversial world of infant therapy," where the diagnoses may sound familiar (think infantile anorexia, sensory stimulation-seeking disorder, and anxiety disorders), but the treatments are focused on the parents rather than pharmaceuticals. According to the article, the underlying factor in most of the "relationship-based aliments . . . revolve around how parents interact with the patient in question." So most treatments involve educating parents.

Many pediatricians and child psychotherapists are wary of the field moving into the realm of infants and toddlers. What do you think of the practice?

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firefly89 firefly89 5 years
some parents yes might need some help knowing how to parent. And of course not being a good parent from the start can hurt children in many ways. But I doubt anyone that would actually worry about this or have the cash flow to do it would have any real problems. That needed this type of help. So ya its kind of a scam. Lots of well loved, well cared for infants have anxiety they are BABIES! they don't understand concepts like object permedence . So when mommy or daddy leave even just to use the bathroom they are upset. In their minds they are gone forever. As if they fell off the face of the earth. Same with a toy or food. If anything more parents should be educated on these things not "omg your baby need therapy"
EvieJ EvieJ 6 years
Are you kidding me? What in the heck can a 7-month old talk about during psychotherapy? Sorry, but I think this is crazy and scam.
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