Mommy Dearest,

I live in NYC where the neighborhood playground is part of my family's daily routine. I've gotten over my fear of germs on the jungle gym and swing equipment, but the sandbox is a whole other story. Convinced that rodents and insects visit the sandbox during the night and leave their excrement behind, I've forbidden my three-year-old son from playing in it. His father, grandparents and nanny know my fears, but the other day his caretaker allowed him to play in it with his friends. When I stopped by for a visit and told him to get out, it caused a big scene.  How should I handle this situation without the daily fuss?

— No Sandbox for My Son

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No Sandbox for My Son,

Every mother has the right to make choices and set rules when it comes to her child's well-being.  And, those wishes should be respected by your son's caretakers. Young kids are very tactile in their learning so the sandbox, especially when it is filled with one's friends, may be very tempting. Since your boy has so many years at the park in front of him, you need to decide if your fear of filthy sentiment is worth the daily battles.

— Mommy Dearest


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