When it's time to go shopping for your lil one's first pair of shoes, it's good to take baby steps. Between my two kids, I've purchased my share of pairs, and many of them barely got their soles dirty.

While the classic white walker is the thing bronzed baby shoes are made of, putting them on your child can prove to be cumbersome. And, many of the better brands can set you back $50–$100 for footwear that isn't exactly fashion forward.

Then, there are the Velcro walkers which are quickly slipped on to your child's feet and just as easily taken off. Unless you're up for daily scavenger hunts, these probably aren't the shoes for you.

While there are a lot of brands and styles to choose from, I've found Puma Light Flights are a staple when it comes to kid-friendly kicks. The design keeps kids light on their feet and the rounded toe keeps them from stumbling.

Available in a great array of colors for boys and girls, the shoes also provide good support and have flexible soles, which are important for developing feet. Priced reasonably at $35 a pop, you'll get your money's worth before your child outgrows them.