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Put on Your Winter Hat

I know that winter's approaching when I start to see parents struggling with their kids to keep their hats on. The bucket hats, baseball caps and visors they wore into fall are shelved, while hand-knit, pom-pom and fleece hats (like this one from Janie and Jack ($20)) make their appearance.

You can tell a lot about children, and even more about their parents by the hats they wear. Check out this selection of hats so cute, your children may keep them on even after they get out the door.

Neural Neural 9 years
So sweet! Savannah's hat this year has a little princess crown patch on it and those jester-like tufts. And lots of pink, of course. She looks so cute in it! Then again, I'm a bit biased!
rgrl rgrl 9 years
Thank you so much, I am obsessed with winter hats for my son... I always look for super warm and adorable. I just bought one with bear ears from LLBean (free ship) but I may have to check these out too :) PS Can you please do a post on warm (maybe wool) and cute toddler socks??? :please:
mbrown81 mbrown81 9 years
I like any thing with a tie. Otherwise it's on the ground in a matter of seconds.
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