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Mommy Dearest:
My son and I were running late and rather than have him be tardy for preschool, I gave him an organic yogurt smoothie and children's breakfast bar to eat en route. As we walked to school, a fellow mom joined us for the last few blocks. When I told her we were having a crazy morning and had resorted to a quick meal, she scolded me saying that granola bars should be treated as snacks rather than meals and said they were the equivalent to candy bars. Dumbfounded by her mini-tirade, I shuttled my son to class without responding. Is it so bad to give a yogurt smoothie and granola bar for breakfast?
– Meal-on-the-Go Mom

To see the response from Mommy Dearest,


Meal-on-the-Go Mom,

You had a harried morning and gave your son the quickest, healthy breakfast you had. Not every family has time to sit down for a full meal in the morning even if they plan on it. Most moms can relate to your situation—  it's not as if you handed your lil guy a candy bar to nosh on, but even if you did, it's your business and that meddling mama should have just kept her opinion to herself. — Mommy Dearest

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