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Quick-thinking Mom Rescues Her 5-Year-Old from a Washing Machine

Quick-thinking Mom Rescues Her 5-Year-Old from a Washing Machine

A quick-thinking mom used a wrench to break the window of a running washing machine and rescue her daughter at a laundromat in Okanogan, Washington. Her 5-year-old daughter had climbed into the machine and it started filling with water and spinning — even though it was marked "out of order."

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sarairichardson sarairichardson 5 years
not as bad as the mom who put her 10 ten old in a washer, that killled the baby. this one at least got her out, but yeah fishy story. in either case. kids and do things unexpectedly, if your a parent you know that. so judging someone with the cliche response "watch your kid lady" so poor judgement on your part. hard to say anymore because the whole story wouldnt load, but i can say stuff can happen and quickly. Kids are just that, kids. Also claiming a young toddler has the development enough to know right from wrong, go take a class in child pscy, because they dont. they only know the reaction or response that you have taught them. They are curious by nature, it is our jobs to guide them and help them live.
LisaAbrahamCraddock LisaAbrahamCraddock 5 years
Wow some people are so judgmental. Ever been to a laundromat, folks? With kids in tow? That's work. Sounds from the article that somebody put that kid in the machine. The question is WHO. I seriously doubt mom did it. It could have been a tragedy but all everyone here wants to say do is blame the mom. What a shocking lack of empathy. You people suck.
CarmenHarrison CarmenHarrison 5 years
Get off her darn back, hell, its hard enough when you have to take the kids to the laundry mat because you have no one to watch them.... You find yourself trying to multi task and it can get tedious ....Thank God she was able to save her child... Have you ever made a mistake?
ChelsLord ChelsLord 5 years
I happen to agree with Barbara. What the hell is wrong with people? We all make mistakes! I just hate the way some people are saying " my child of_ would have known not to do that" why not add a " na na na na na nahhhh" at the end! Stop judging others, because one day something like this will happen to you! That's karma people!
MadisonStanley MadisonStanley 5 years
Am I really suppose to be impressed and in awe and think she's a hero??? What in the heck were YOU doing that your child was able to climb into a washer? And it was able to FILL UP!
LeighAnnStephens LeighAnnStephens 5 years
Regardless of what actually happened...OUT OF ORDER doesn't necessarily mean won't run. My family owned laundramats as I was growing up and out of order can mean many many things! It means isn't working properly not dead as a doornail! Watch your kids!
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