Mommies who find themselves running more errands than a Capitol Hill page girl or boy may fancy the Quinny Zapp. Much like its posh sibling, the Zapp still boasts fabulous features, but has a few less amenities, which is why the price is a more reasonable $200.

Available in five of the same spunky hues as the Quinny Buzz, the Zapp affords tots comfort in canvas like a seat atop a lightweight aluminum frame. When it comes time to store it, the Zapp easily folds into one of the most compact strollers on the market making it a cinch to store in the car or hallway closet. Also taking hints from the Buzz, the Zapp's swiveling front wheels make it feel more like an all-terrain pushchair than an umbrella stroller.

To see what the drawbacks are of the Zapp,


While many parents may like the look of the Zapp, there are some small drawbacks to the fancy umbrella buggy. Like many umbrella strollers, it does not recline. Parents who need a stroller that can convert into a napping space may find the non-reclining feature an issue. While great for running quick errands and traveling, the storage space underneath the seat is a tad on the smaller side, which leaves shopping moms in a bind. And, due to the Zapp's weight (18.2 pounds), the stroller can't handle too much baggage hanging from the handles or else the whole structure risks tipping over.

While most umbrella strollers do not offer car seat compatibility, the Zapp does. However, like the Buzz, it is only compatible with Maxi-Cosi Mico Infant car seat. If parents should choose to use the car seat with the base, the buggy is suitable for newborns. Based on standards, the buggy is appropriate for children age six months to four-years-old or 40 pounds.

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