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RIE Parenting in Hollywood

What's the Deal With RIE Parenting?

Child psychologists always have a new parenting method for us to try, and RIE is their choice for 2014. RIE, short for Resources For Infant Educarers, encourages parents to treat their children as adults rather than, well, children. Practiced by celebrities like Penélope Cruz and Felicity Huffman, followers of RIE feel the method allows them to raise their children as equals to themselves. This means carrying on long conversations — free from baby talk — and spending time with them without any distractions. It also means tossing out some timeless baby gear. Bottles are a no-no, because they imply your child is incapable of eating like an adult. Bouncy seats are also forbidden, because placing your child in one sends the message that they are bothering you. Under RIE, these, and many other items, are seen as disrespectful towards your tot.

To see what other items are banned under RIE, read the full list on The Stir.

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bendelep bendelep 3 years
Three things: 1-The photo for this article shows a mom with a baby standing on her. I don't think it's usually acceptable for adults to let other adults stand on their laps..... 2-Another excuse for someone to write a stupid and useless book that exaggerates and makes ridiculous, things that good parents have been doing forever.
CarolynHodges30742 CarolynHodges30742 3 years
Well, we know whose kids are going too be messed up
FelieMkandawire FelieMkandawire 3 years
Seriously people!
Meredith15283130 Meredith15283130 3 years
Further proof that people dropped acid in 60's.
ErinLancaster ErinLancaster 3 years
Way to write an article based on a sensationalized article in which no actual research on the subject was done.
AshleyBurt AshleyBurt 3 years
Adding in there... the age of the single child is here, with naming children things like Pickle Lynn Sunshune Ray, and putting wayyyyyy to much philosophy into parenting.
AshleyBurt AshleyBurt 3 years
Ugh... here we go again. No baby talk sure. I agree as ive seen the pros of this displayed timeand time again by children of parents that I know. But come on, the baby is NOT an equal, they are a member of your family. They need to be a baby when theyre a baby. Disciplining achild for a temper tantrum isone thing, but stripping them of their entitlement to a child hood.... thats just absurd. Tired if these trends. Babies are a life, not some silly trend. Be a good parent, trust your instincts and the ones of the people that raised you too. Enough of this nonsensical bla bla bla.
LauraErxleben LauraErxleben 3 years
My first problem with this idea is contained in the sentence which reads "allows them to raise their children as equals to themselves" because there is not an infant or toddler anywhere that is capable of caring for themselves; therefore, they cannot be equal to an adult. One of the functions of being a good parent is to teach your child how to reason; they are not born with this ability even if they have a 150+ intelligence quotient. I definitely think we should show respect to children and let them be a child - free to explore, create, display independence, and learn. Guess I would like to know what research they are using to support their approach. I think this sounds worse than Dr. Spock's theories of childrearing which has been proven to have produced many generations of selfish, irresponsible, individuals.
LaurenJohnson38553 LaurenJohnson38553 3 years
Okay so they put a new name on something I already do "eerryday"-- nonstop- get real. Always trying to make money off of something parents do every dang day. It ain't every day that parents talk to their babies or toddlers saying "boo-boo" and all that.. psppsh.. get out here with that.
KayeFielding KayeFielding 3 years
What a load of crap..........
missnanny missnanny 3 years
GillianIreland GillianIreland 3 years
Sorry for the third post. I posted too soon... I looked up some different info on the subject that explained it more rationally than the above and there are some good things about this practice and I don't think there is anything new or shocking about it. But to make it into a formula with all the dogma just takes common sense and runs it off a cliff.
GillianIreland GillianIreland 3 years
I want to add then when the second and third kids come along, all this will go out the window and the bouncy seat will look a lot more inviting.
GillianIreland GillianIreland 3 years
Saying that anything is FORBIDDEN (such as bouncy seats) is just ridiculous. Parenting is not about dogma. It's an art and it requires love, dedication and sometimes flying by the seat of our pants. There is new research in the book Nurtureshock by Po Bronson (best book I ever read) that shows that "parentese" helps language development. This surprised me as I never used any kind of sing-songy voice with my kids. I don't talk down to my kids and didn't even when they were toddlers. I talk to them as if they have half a brain, but face it - they are CHILDREN, not adults. They want to know that their loving, wise parents are in charge and will teach, protect and correct them when needed. I'm a psychotherapist and I see a lot of kids who think they are on the same "level" as their parents and their behavior says that in reality, they are not really liking it.
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