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Rainbow Loom Is the Big Summer 2013 Trend

Has the Rainbow Loom Craze Hit Your Town?

It's been three years since Silly Bandz took the world — and kids' arms — by storm, but there's a new bracelet in town this Summer. If Rainbow Loom bracelets aren't already lining your elementary- and middle-schoolers' arms, get ready, because they're the latest jewelry fad and their popularity is spreading fast.

Using tiny, colorful rubber bands and a small loom, crafty kids — the trend is as popular with boys as it is with girls — use Rainbow Loom ($22) to create bracelets, rings, and more. Craft and toy stores can't keep the looms or bands in stock, as the craze gains momentum across the country — visit camps and pool decks and you're sure to see kids looming together. Stores, like Learning Express, are even offering Rainbow Loom classes to teach fans new techniques, as kids test their creativity and dexterity.

So tell us, is Rainbow Loom big in your town right now? And if so, can you get your hands on it?

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LindseyE525 LindseyE525 3 years
Ok I'm just putting it out there BUT my super awesome kids company is giving away Rainbow Looms in the next couple of days GUARANTEEING delivery in time for Christmas morning. I love Rainbow Looms, you love Rainbow Looms, kids love Rainbow Looms. Let's just chill out and put or bid in and win. That is all. OH. Enter here. P.S. I'm a real person, obsessed with this website, am weird, and think we should be friends. You're welcome.
yamilealbornoz yamilealbornoz 3 years
hello my daughter is 7, she has tons of this bracelets, we just went to france and she theached everyone in the family and friends how to make it...They said was very original and amazing ideas, im so proud for little girl who had this mazing idea... my daughther she has also play dates with to make them with her friends.
Samantha14780946 Samantha14780946 3 years
SERIOUSLY?????? I cant believe that the so called ADULTS on here are arguing about childrens bracelets being represented for "Gays"....first off WHO CARES....really!!! Its not your life so stop caring what they do wth their own PERSONAL LIVES....and second of all...this is about something FUN and CRAFTY for our CHILDREN!!! How childish and Stupid some ppl act is just IGNORANT! I think these are great and a fun and very imaginative way to see your childs style and have fun making one with them....why does someone always have to bring up....race...discrimination. WHATEVER....this is about our children who probably have no idea what the heck your all even talking about...I know my children certainly wouldnt and their 8 & 6yrs old!!!! GROW UP & try enjoying the fun stuff instead of always twisting it around!!!!!!! Sincerely::: A Mommy who LOVES AND LIKES EVERYONE & EVERYTHING :)
JennieGavin JennieGavin 3 years
I am catholic and buying this for my 6 kids. They can make as many darn rainbow bracelets as they want and wear them on their first day of school at Catholic east. :P. get over it people! Seriously - no joke just to shake it up!
DeeCarlinBullock DeeCarlinBullock 3 years
Missnanny, the rainbow loom was invented by a young girl. I doubt very much that she invenyed it to promote the gay agenda. And get over yourself. One of the first things children learn about when learning colors is the rainbow.
TaraSimpson13546 TaraSimpson13546 3 years
Leave it to somebody to bring up gays and their rainbow flag with their "agenda". You are obviously ignorant and need some education about gays. They are no different than you or I. They have no agenda. They want the same rights as we have as they are entitled to. Its people like you that keep hate alive. The faster people like you are off this planet the closer we will have world peace.
ElaineHobbs ElaineHobbs 3 years
I cannot believe this conversation is going on!! A rainbow is a pretty thing in the sky that kids like to look at and so might like a bracelet like it. Yes the Gay community have adopted it as a symbol (some may not distinguish it as a separate symbol) and yes God uses the rainbow in the Bible as a sign of a new covenant after the great flood. but as children go, it really is just a pretty pattern so why spoil the innocence of it? I believe it is not a promotion of anything but creativity. if you see it as more than that at this level for children, and then wonder why children want to grow up so fast and then struggle to understand the world, it's because they are not allowed just to be kids!!!!
Ann14780170 Ann14780170 3 years
missnanny- "The rainbow is becoming popular because it is the symbol of the gays." The rainbow has always been popular among children because they are CHILDREN. The youngest like rainbows because they are just learning colors and shapes so a rainbow is attractive. Older children like it because rainbows are usually made bright and colorful. "The gays" use the rainbow as a symbol of inclusiveness to show that all "colors" (i.e. people) have a place in the spectrum. I know many gay people and none of them have an agenda. They just want to live their lives with the same rights and privileges as everyone else. Not that it matters, but I am a full fledged Libertarian and Christian who doesn't have the audacity to assume it is my place to pass judgment on God's designs.
AbbyMcDonald80966 AbbyMcDonald80966 3 years
missnanny, isn't it a bit presumptive to link a child's toy to an agenda? Nowhere that I can find does it state that the Rainbow Loom has such a premise. However, the rainbow is quite a popular kids theme (decor, education, toys, etc.) having nothing whatsoever to do with a lifestyle. I think that maybe you should unlink in your mind the child's toy from the lifestyle choice. BTW full disclosure: I am a conservative Christian.
JennMcDermott JennMcDermott 4 years
The Rainbow loom has been big in our area for about 6 months now. We do have a loom for each of my daughters (8&11). They like the creativity and giving bracelets to friends and family. The Learning Express by us sells out of the looms and bands almost weekly so It has been hard for some to actually get their hands on a loom for their children.
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