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Rainbow Loom Instructions and Accessories

Everything You Need to Create the Best Rainbow Loom Projects

More than just a Summer fad, Rainbow Loom — the crochet-like rubber band bracelets kids make on a plastic loom — has become an obsession. Like most kids' fads — remember Silly Bandz and Beanie Babies? — the craze has quickly spread from East to West, so much so that Toys R Us just added a looming kit to their top 15 toys of the holiday season. And it's not just kids — just look at their parents' wrist for the telltale sign of a looming fan, we're covered in the bracelets too.

If your tot's hooked on the loom and you're finding colored bands throughout the home, it's time to move on from the basic single pattern and try something a bit more interesting. Here, we're rounding up our favorite Rainbow Loom accessories — from the best cases and most unusual bands to the best patterns and charms. Check it out and keep looming!

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