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What's Your Take on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution?

Celebrity chef and author Jamie Oliver delivered his Food Revolution stateside this weekend, and I couldn't get to my DVR soon enough. The six-episode show, which airs Friday nights on ABC, features Oliver attempting to shake up the food habits in the most unhealthy city in America (based on obesity stats and death rates) — Huntington, West Virginia. In the opener he sets his sights on teaching families, the school system, the community, and viewers at home, a thing or two about eating healthy and creating fresh foods for kids.

In the first episode, he causes a clash at the school cafeteria, where the team of prep chefs work hard daily to meet the national nutritional standards and feed hundreds of children on the cheap. Oliver, a father himself, isn't keen on the volume of processed foods — namely candy colored milk, pizza, and chicken nuggets — that get served to the school children and jumps in with a plan to revolutionize their meal plan. Though the show is heavily edited for the sake of creating drama, I am captivated by Oliver's mission, vision, and passion, and can't wait to watch him share healthy recipes and insight with families. Did you tune in? If so, let's dish!
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pwpacker66 pwpacker66 6 years
Can't wait for Season 2!! The Super. for the LA schools needs to be fired!! My bet is Jamie makes him eat his words by taking it to the streets!!!
macneil macneil 7 years
Oh, sorry to post twice, but this just in:
macneil macneil 7 years
You know, I really love Jamie Oliver. He DOES care about getting people to eat better, and there is so much junk in processed foods and we have no idea what it does to kids - for instance the high fructose corn syrup added may really mess with their insulin long term, we just don't know. I love America and do not want to disparage anything because the UK, where I'm from (I live in the USA) has all the worst habits of America and then some, and lots of horrible horrible lazy food. But I'm surprised how hard it is to find things for kids that don't have added sugar here, eg the fruit drinks. There's a bigger choice of very healthy kids' lines in the UK that you just can't find here, but a lot of sugary cookies & snacks here, so it is difficult for lazy mothers like me to just grab something off the shelf that isn't bad for kids. I realise this is MY PROBLEM and the opposite of what Jamie O is trying to do, which is to cook with fresh foods. What I mean is, it's so easy to slip into giving them something very sugary when on the move, so even more important to be aware of that, to make informed choices, and to make up for it when we're at home. I think Jamie is good to just give us a bit of a reminder, so maybe for the day after his programme we just think 'no, better not heat up a pizza for them today', because I know my kids eat badly and it's my fault. The 'lunch lady' is SO SCARY! She is determined to see him fail. When he did the show identically in the UK, the lunch ladies were the same at the start but he won them round. As he said in the show, when he showed the kids the 'reclaimed meat' chicken nuggets, they were all put off and revolted. But kids are funny, I thought the American kids were really self-aware and devilishly amusing when they said they'd eat it.
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