There's no situation more awkward (and perhaps insulting) than a person falsely assuming a woman is pregnant. Fifty-eight percent of LilSugar readers said they'd been the victim of this situation. One anonymous LilSugar reader commented:

I just don't know how people can't differentiate between a baby bump and pudge. They're shaped different. Not to mention, it just seems like common sense to me that unless you're POSITIVE a woman is pregnant, you shouldn't comment on her pregnancy. This means she's either hugely with child, or she told you she was pregnant. Why would you just guess that someone is pregnant?

Most women cited that unflattering clothes, weight gain, and ignorance were to blame, but a BBC News article has some tips from moms on how to tell the difference. They said heavy breathing, belly rubbing, shoe style, and reading materials were all good indicators. How can you tell if a woman's expecting?