The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute presented a study to the Pediatric Academic Societies that said flip flops, lack of warm clothes, and in some cases, less than enthusiastic caretakers were to blame for the lack of physical activity in youngsters.

In 34 child care centers, caretakers sat with researchers from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center to dish on child activities.

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When asked about outdoor time, the staffers often cited children's clothing as an issue. Many parents send their tots to school in flip flops or sans jackets – keeping the kid from participating in outdoor activities.

Some of the caretakers believe the parents intentionally send the kids ill equipped for playground time to keep them indoors. Still, others claimed that playground items (i.e. mulch) were dangerous and used as weapons. In addition to all of those reasons, some daycare workers explained their own disinterest in bundling up or going outside themselves.

Parents generally hope their child is getting ample mental and physical stimulation.

I can sympathize with the caretakers since there are days when I am too tired to take my daughter to the park, however nobody is paying me to do so.

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