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OnSugar Blog: Cloth Diapers For the Economical You!

Lots of moms like to think out loud and BabyEssentials is one of them. In the latest post to her blog, she tackles the world of cloth diapers.

Why choose cloth diapers? Not only are they environmentally friendly, they are economical too and you will be saving a whole lot without even knowing it!

Here is a simple calculation on how much you will save:

  • A typical newborn will require 8 diapers a day (small bladders and lots of pee!) and that adds up to 240 diapers a month.
  • A regular brand diaper (eg. Huggies) will cost you $20 approx. for a pack of 68.
  • On the average, the cost of a disposable diaper is $0.30.
  • With our low cost yet high quality cloth diapers, you will be able to break-even in just 2 months (Based on 10 cloth diapers and 20 inserts)! Without much effort, can you imagine how much you actually save?

Cloth diapers are comfy. Why? Cloth diapers are cotton and so are the inserts. Don't you feel good knowing your baby is on something soft and comfortable? Your baby deserves only the best!


Pins, folding and leaks All gone!

Save more: Most families keep their diapers if they might have another baby. Others recycle them by passing them to a friend or a charity. It is a wonderful way to reduce waste in your life and on the Earth! Choose cloth diapering now!

Want to see more? Start following BabyEssentials or start your own OnSugar blog. It's easy, it's free, and we just might feature your content on our site!

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MissSushi MissSushi 6 years
I think this post is setting some interested cloth users up for some dissapointment. First of all - a breastfed baby will use more like 10-12 diapers a day. Though I don't know what kind of inserts you're talking - a waterproof cover and an insert as the diaper part? Or an all in one or pocket type? Either way, its hard to keep runny poop on a flat insert inside a diaper cover. Unless you use a fitted or prefold with the diaper cover, each time they poop it will get on the cover, and the cover will need to be washed. You need to buy enough diapers, be it pockets, aio, or cover and insert/prefold to last 1-3 days between washings. You do NOT want to wash and dry diapers every day with a newborn. I cloth diaper, and absolutely love it, but 10 diapers for a newborn isn't going to cut it, which will run the costs up higher, but its worth the hundreds, possibly thousands if you do an adjustable cover and prefold, that you will save with them.
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