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Recipe: Banana “Ice Cream”

Recipe: Banana “Ice Cream”

I originally saw the idea for this healthy dessert on The Today Show. I'll admit, I was skeptical that blended frozen bananas could taste anything like ice cream, but believe it or not - they do! Once blended, they take on the consistency of soft serve ice cream. For a firmer ice cream feel, just pop the blended bananas in the freezer for 15 more minutes.

My favorite way to serve this tasty treat is with a touch of agave nectar (or honey) and peanut butter blended in and with chocolate syrup on top. But the sky's the limit - add in chocolate chips, toasted nuts, butterscotch chips, you name it, and enjoy!


4 ripe bananas
2 tsp agave syrup or honey (optional)
2 tbsp peanut butter (optional)
chocolate syrup or caramel (optional)



Cut the ripe bananas into 1-2" pieces and freeze for at least 1 hour.

Place the frozen bananas in the bowl of a food processor, along with any optional ingredients you choose to use (agave nectar/honey, peanut butter, chocolate chips, etc). Pulse until the bananas start to break apart, then switch on and blend for 2-3 minutes, scraping down the bowl, if necessary. The bananas will first break down into a sandy texture, before taking on the consistency of soft serve ice cream.

Top with any desired toppings, such as chocolate syrup or caramel. Enjoy!

Amanda Haas is a cookbook author and founder of the website One Family One Meal, which provides free recipes, menu plans, and shopping lists to parents who want to cook healthy meals their entire family will love. Her recipes and kitchen wisdom are currently also being showcased by Pottery Barn Kids. Cooking in Everyday English, her latest cookbook writing project, will be released in October of 2011 (pre-order at Amazon).

Image Source: Courtesy of A. Haas

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, POPSUGAR.

Join The Conversation
ChelseaRoberts54292 ChelseaRoberts54292 5 years
My daughter and I are lactose intolerant. Very excited to try this :)
mogirekerubo mogirekerubo 5 years
sounds lovely, will b trying it over the weekend!!!!!! a nice trick to a healthy cream
ladidanieldzarma ladidanieldzarma 5 years
dat sounds easy to do, and i think my kids will love it. i am going to try it.
DeliaTuohy DeliaTuohy 6 years
@Claire Timney-Lewis; yep it says if you want a firmer texture to pop it in the freezer for another 15mins; I presume you can just leave it in for as long as you like after that; great idea isn't it?!
TonyaBarnes TonyaBarnes 6 years
Sounds amazing and easy! Will be doing this tomorrow!
ClaireTimneyLewis ClaireTimneyLewis 6 years
Can you re-freeze once it's all blended?? This could be a great way of getting my 2 yr old to eat fruit!
TyannaKerry TyannaKerry 6 years
Banana's here in Australia are $13 kg but will love to try when banana's are cheaper :)
SharonRoseNavalFenecios SharonRoseNavalFenecios 6 years
i really wanna try this..:) (excited)
ShawnWright ShawnWright 6 years
Sounds good. I have to try this. I have to eat bananas to replace missing potassium and I got tired of them even though I love nanas this will be a refreshing change.
JackieLang95869 JackieLang95869 6 years
4 lbs for a $1 in Texas...
ChristieBurrows95207 ChristieBurrows95207 6 years
haha as if anyone can afford bananas at the moment! they are worth more than gold here in australia
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