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eeln05 eeln05 4 years
I'm Arab and we call the Lentils and Rice with fired onions on top mujaddara, we have been making for a long time its great and simple
LexannJohnson LexannJohnson 4 years
French toast is just as easy, and probably more kid friendly.
ChetMC ChetMC 4 years
I wish this "article" also mentioned the importance of waiting until your child is ready. My experience has been that you can't really train a child to stay night dry. You can do some things to help them if they're very close, but some kids will not be able to stay dry at night until they're four or five even if they are day trained at two. If your child is close to being night dry, having them pee twice at bedtime can help things along. Get them to pee once at the start of their bedtime routine, and then get them to go a second time immediately before they get into bed. If you never get anything on the second pee discontinue this, but try it for a few nights and see if it helps. I found that a lot of our bed wetting was actually happening early in the morning. A couple of our kids would basically make it through the night, but then pee in the morning because they were slow to wake up. They just weren't the sort of kids to be instantly wide awake, jump out of bed and run to the bathroom. We turned the corner when I started getting them out of bed and taking them to the bathroom twenty minutes or so before they would have normally gotten up. Use common sense, and figure out what your priority needs to be. If you live in a hot dry climate, you may need to let your kids drink water right up to bedtime and at night (our kids have often slept with water bottles of ice water in the summer during a heat wave). If your kids really struggle with disrupted sleep you may need to delay night training because your toddler or preschooler really suffers the next day by being woken up for a late night pee. Watch your child's intake of artificial sweeteners and caffeine. These can irritate the bladder and increase the need urinate. If the season permits, put your child to bed in fleece pyjamas. They absorb better than other fabrics and contain the accidents. Layering sheets for quite changes when necessary is awesome. If you don't have waterproof pads around garbage bags work too. I tried using old changing pads, but found they weren't big enough and switched to garbage bags. If you haven't done this already, invest in a good mattress covers. Get one of the ones that's terry on top and poly coated on the bottom. They can be pricey, but are worth the investment.
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