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Record-Breaking Baby Delivered Naturally in Iowa (VIDEO)

Record-Breaking Baby Delivered Naturally in Iowa (VIDEO)

Our jaws dropped in awe when we read about Iowa mom Kendall Stewardson. She's just delivered a 13-pound, 12-ounce baby at Des Moines' Mercy Hospital, without surgery or drugs! Asher, who is Kendall's second child, has adorably round cheeks and is also quite long: 23 1/2 inches.

ABC NewsNet 5's report concludes with a statement that's causing controversy in the comment section: "Natural delivery carries risks for the mother, but Kendall took it in stride and is doing very well." 

Read the whole story (NewsNet 5)

Image Source: WEWS via ABC News

ShavonneWhite ShavonneWhite 5 years
So precious.
KrystalBullock77290 KrystalBullock77290 5 years
i dont really like some people's comments on here regarding c sections. A baby of this size has just as much risk for the mother, possibly more, then a c section would. I have two children. My daughter was born naturally i was in labor with her for 36 hours, and pushed for 4, and she was born 9lb 4 oz, i then ended up hemorraging and with a stage 4 tear. I was in immense pain for about 6 months after having her, and to this day (over 2 years later) i cannot sit on a bike seat and such without being uncomfortable down there, and i have problems with my pelvis, it hasnt aligned properly since having her. So when i got pregnant with my son, and he was measuring big the whole pregnancy, my doctor and i decided a c section was best. He was born 10lb 3oz, and i felt so good after. I was in some pain obviously, but i was off strong pain meds on day 2, and i was back to normal activities in 2 weeks after! Complete opposite of my natural delivery. i know there are risks to c sections, but people need to be realistic and realize there are risks with natural births also. And the comments that say women have been birthing for centuries, dont take into consideration how many children and mothers died in those births. Yes they may have been natural births, but it doesnt count when you dont survive. A mother is still a mother, whether the baby was born naturally or with drugs, or be c section. As long as the babies are healthy that is all that matters. you should never assume or judge someone who chooses a c section because you dont know what she may have gone through before the choice to have a c section. I could have died after having my daughter, but i had her naturally, and im no better a mom for having her than i am for having my son via c section.
bellanivitela bellanivitela 5 years
WOW! Hats off to you Iowa Mom! I delivered Three healthy Lovely Babies, also, Naturally without medication, nor epidurals.. quite a challenge... yes, but, they were 6lbs., 6lbs. 12oz., and 6 lbs 14oz. ! 13lbs. 12oz.? Yikes! Congratulations he is Beautiful!
susananderson69808 susananderson69808 5 years
wow :O congrats :O i couldnt do that without anything :O x
CoMMember13616434487197 CoMMember13616434487197 5 years
No big deal.. in my country women do it all the time!! anyways Congrats!
DanielleKane70708 DanielleKane70708 5 years
Way to go mom! My forth was 13 lbs and 24 in. long! lol.
DanaVoss1194 DanaVoss1194 5 years
For anyone who thinks that this carries risks for the baby and mother needs to watch "The Business of Being Born" by Ricki Lake. Lying on your back is the most unnatural way to give birth, so therefore a lot of complications arise. A women's body is made to give birth, so the pelvis will naturally spread when giving birth especially if she is in the right position. Women have been having babies since before doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies got involved. Two thumbs up to her for doing it naturally!!
LisaValaitis LisaValaitis 5 years
All that really matters is that Mom and Baby are healthy. Congratulations!
MarissaHawkins MarissaHawkins 5 years
My son was 10 pounds 7 and got stuck so I'm greatful for having the option of (emergency) c-section. If not for that - my baby and I would be dead.
CrystalWeems CrystalWeems 5 years
@Connie, I understand that people in this country are OBSESSED with the overkill of medical interference, but women have always and will always be having babies NATURALLY. No one is trying to prove anything by choosing this. I had my son naturally because I knew I was in complete control of my body and my pain. Did you know that their is a negative correlation between the number of babies born in hospitals and the mortality rate? As fewer women have had natural, home births, the infant mortality rate in the US has increased. I'm not saying a hospital birth, c-section, or epidural are wrong (they certainly aren't choices I would make) but the fact is that the natural way is usually the best. If we're always freaking out about what can go wrong, the stress alone makes medical events difficult and risky. Congratulations to Mommy and Baby!! Childbirth is a beautiful thing!
JessicaParker JessicaParker 5 years
i gave birth twice once with the help of drugs clamps and the doctor cutting me second completely natural but he was also a pound lighter. Had a girlfriend flat line 3 years ago giving birth but they did manage to bring her back, giving birth and pregnancy can be dangerous many risks can happen but it feels so damn worth it when you hold your child
nicoleramirez89159 nicoleramirez89159 5 years
My first 3 babys were all about 9lbs...first 2 were induced, the 3rd was natural. My 4th was almost 10lbs all natural. I prefer natural for the simple fact that I feel so much more in control.
JamieDelgado94667 JamieDelgado94667 5 years
"Natural delivery carries risks for the mother, but Kendall took it in stride and is doing very well."? I've had 4 100% natural deliveries and I never had any issues. Whole I understand that not all women are as lucky as I, its irresponsible of a news organization to suggest that its in some way abnormal. Best wishes to Kendall Stewardson and her new baby
JoyBrusetti JoyBrusetti 5 years
My second was 10 lbs 4 oz and my only completely natural delivery. My first was 8 lbs 5 oz delivered vaginally but had demerol. My third was an emergency c-section 2 weeks early and was 7 lbs 5 oz and my fourth was scheduled c-section (even though I wanted to vbac the hospital wouldn't let me) and weighed 9 lbs 1 oz. I just naturally have big babies and never had gestational diabetes. All of my children were born healthy with very high apgar scores and no other problems so just because one has bigger babies does not mean that they can't be born healthy and without issues for the mother. Besides, I'd much rather deliver another 10 pound baby naturally then have another c-section!
JenniferChester157 JenniferChester157 5 years
I just recentlygave birth to my son who was 11#'s 13oz and 23 1/2 in long.... I had gestational diabetes and took insulin trying to make sure my baby was small and I only gained 30 lbs with him...I did not have a epidural as they make me nervous..I did however have one shot of nubane..I couldn't take the pain anymore... I am sure that they didn't know how big the baby was...I know we didnt! So glad to hear that everyone is healthy and just goes to show mind over matter really does work!
SarahGill75131 SarahGill75131 5 years
Um...woman have been having babies for thousands of years....naturally. Are bodies are mad to have babies. Excluding abnormal births like breech(which an still be delivered vaginally) or hips too small etc... I am talking about under normal circumstances woman can have babies naturally and beautifully. There are however huge risks with drugs and c sections and evidence to back up the danger in how our society is shaping how women should have babies. Check out business of being born on net flicks.
SirenaCampbell SirenaCampbell 5 years
The heaviest baby to ever be born Naturally was born to an Anna Bates of Canada in 1879 the baby weighed 23.12 lbs and died 11 hours after birth the mother survived... The heaviest baby in the world to be born naturally and survive was an Italian boy who was 22.8lbs at birth
StephanieDawson95072 StephanieDawson95072 5 years
To Tracy Hobt, what exactly is funny about gestational diabetes? That's a disease that can kill mother and baby, don't think that's too funny :( Glad it didn't happen to this mom and baby.
RachelDeLarue RachelDeLarue 5 years
My babies where small. Both barely 6 lbs. My daughter has a big head. I delivered naturally with both, and needed stitches after my daughter.
CoMMember13631157989327 CoMMember13631157989327 5 years
Cute baby but if he was that long it means he's not as wide or round as you'd think when you hear 13+lbs. That being said, I don't know what women are trying to prove by having a natural delivery with a baby this size. Especially with the stated risk. It's like those women who carry 7 or 8 babies when the majority chance is that they'll be handicapped or lost. Is that really in anyone's best interest, including the babies'.
susantherrien45796 susantherrien45796 5 years
he so cute............ love baby's my baby turned 13 today.
amandamerrill34967 amandamerrill34967 5 years
i think thats great. i was a 95 pound women when i got prgnant with my son and when he was born he was 10 pounds and 23 and half inches and i didnt have drugs either. it was tuff and i know her pain but because its all worth it and your so focused on that baby you forget about all that pain. congrats to her on being an awesome mama!!
TraceyHobt TraceyHobt 5 years
Can anyone say gestational diabetes??? Haha
TammieWeideReichlin TammieWeideReichlin 5 years
My friend had a 13 pounder and she is a big boned lady. She said it was nothing. It was her third baby. I think they need to consider how large the mother is.
KatherineDuffey KatherineDuffey 5 years
Good lord! I would snap in half!
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