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The other day I took my daughter to one of my favorite kiddie shops to do a little browsing. While we were there, my friend started handing her toys in her stroller – ones that I bought her months ago that have long been forgotten.

When we got home, my wee one pulled all of those old toys out and played with them the rest of the afternoon. That's when my wheels started to turn.

When your tot starts to lose interest in her toys, pack them up and put them away for a month or so. Then when they tire of their latest and greatest, pull the old ones back out again. Your house will be a little less cluttered and your babe will be delighted at the rediscovery.


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karebear25 karebear25 9 years
I like these blocks. If I did not have wooden ones then I would pick these. No plastic for me (in hte block area)
Moms Moms 9 years
Great tip! I started doing this too.
cbgmick cbgmick 9 years
Great tip! I've been doing this w/ my now almost 5 year year old for years and it really is a great way of keeping interest (and keeping play areas from getting out of control). I'm easing out of this "rotation" concept now.. his toys are getting smaller now (action figures and lots of art supplies) and as he's gotten older it's great to give him more opportunities for choosing and managing his independent play, but I plan on starting up again w/ #2 when she is old enough for this to make sense!!
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