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This morning on Live!, Kelly teased Regis because he cringed when the duo were interviewing Katherin Heigl and the older host made reference to the actress's pregnancy movie. He admitted he doesn't like the term "knocked up" or feel comfortable saying it. There are many ways to say a woman is with child from "she's expecting" to "they're pregnant," does this particular term bother you?

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dani17731 dani17731 8 years
It's not so bad, but I think people use it mostly when describing a woman who is pregnant and not married. If they're offended I wouldn't say it but it doesn't bother me.
sham28 sham28 8 years
I don't use anything but "pregnant" because I think all of the other terms sound really juvenile. "Preggo" has never crossed my lips and never will (ew). 'Knocked up' is bad too.
Kaki Kaki 8 years
I think it depends. on Heigl's movie it was appropriate seeing the circumstances when she got "Knocked up" but I wouldn't want to be referred to as being knocked up
Moms Moms 8 years
I'm not really a fan of knocked up in most circumstances.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
Roaring, I think it was intended to be/ used to be crude, but like 'baby mama' it has gained more universal acceptance. I'm not a fan of the term but I don't really care.
PeachyKeen19 PeachyKeen19 8 years
I think it's just crude, I also hate the terms "prego" and "preggers," they are not cute just tacky. I don't think this is an area for trendy nicknames and code words. As was stated above it was a term meant to denote an unfit women becoming pregnant and is, hence, a deragatory term for a type a woman.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 8 years
I thought it was meant to be crude. Like something you'd use when an unfit mother accidentally gets pregnant.
Nadia24gv Nadia24gv 8 years
I don't mind it. The WORST is when a stupid man says "we're pregnant!" Oh really, you are? So you have stretch marks, hemorrhoids, sore breasts, horrible acne, a doctor looking up your vagina every few weeks and you plan on squeezing the kid out? And it's not "sweet" like some women claim. It's insensitive and ignorant. A man can be excited but he doesn't have to be dumb.
kurniakasih kurniakasih 8 years
Heck, it's crude but I don't mind the term. I used to joke around when referring to myself getting 'knocked up' since we were both on protection when I got pregnant. But I appreciate some people being considerate and avoid using 'knocked up' too, like Regis, I mean.
plus_2_kid plus_2_kid 8 years
I agree with ElleJay - It's WAY WAY better than prego or preggers. Those are by far the worst. I kind of have fun saying I got knocked up. In the appropriate situation of course....(like, not a job interview or talking with my MIL)
ElleJay ElleJay 8 years
I don't mind it.... it's def. way better than when people say "Prego" BLAH, now THAT one I hate!
skigurl skigurl 8 years
haha i was about to say the exact same thing as bsobos123 i don't mind it in some cases but sometimes its just inapropriate to say
bsobos1123 bsobos1123 8 years
I think is a crude term but I don't mind it.
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