Back in my mother's day, expectant women depended heavily on their OB/GYNs. Mothers–to–be assumed their doctor would deliver their baby — not the on–call physician. In Knocked Up, Katherine Heigl's character interviewed numerous doctors and laid out her demands and expectations. I took a laid back approach with my doctor and it didn't pay off.

I had an easy first pregnancy — I dodged morning sickness and was agile for the entire nine months. As a result, I didn't have to rely on my OB/GYN for urgent phone calls or emergencies. She was a smart doctor with an affable bedside manner, a fitting match for my personality. Unfortunately, she didn't make it to my delivery, which was upsetting. More than that I was disappointed when she didn't stop by to see me after the birth or during any part of my hospital stay.

To see how I solved the problem,


I have since switched OB/GYNs with the hope of forming a relationship where I am confident the doc knows my name and perhaps even my due date. And, I don't think this is an unreasonable request. My mom may not have had state–of–the–art 4D ultrasounds, but she could count on her doctor to pick up her call and show up on delivery day.

How is your relationship with your OB/GYN?