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Remember How Your Baby Wiggled in Your Belly?

Remember How Your Baby Wiggled in Your Belly?

Remember being pregnant, feeling the waves of movement and watching your belly changing shapes as your little one wiggled around?

These amazing videos capture those "wow" moments that other mamas have experienced.

Was your baby a wiggler?

Watch the videos.


Image Source: Via Yahoo Shine

YalanaTuten YalanaTuten 6 years
I still have 2 months left and my daughter moves like that!!!
TasneemMaimoon91660 TasneemMaimoon91660 6 years
YalanaTuten YalanaTuten 6 years
All of mine have been/are wigglers. My middle son was even seen on u/s doing the downward facing dog in my belly! My daughter is already trying to get out and put her brothers in their place!
BarbMeador BarbMeador 6 years
My son is 31 years old and I never forgot how I had to push his heel out of my ribs all the time. What a wonderful feeling!
BarbMeador BarbMeador 6 years
I had my son 31 years ago, and have never forgotten how I had to push his heel down out of my ribs all the time. What a wonderful feeling to remember!
BeckyMeredith87669 BeckyMeredith87669 6 years
I do remember this very well with all of my children I will never forget it. it was amazing....Blessings to all the Mothers to have safe deliveries and healthy babies...
VeroniqueParent98620 VeroniqueParent98620 6 years
My first not so much but yeah my second did exactly the same thing to me lol
EmmaWhybird10640 EmmaWhybird10640 6 years
Im haveing ly baby next week and it feels like he wants out now
sallyarbuthnot8201 sallyarbuthnot8201 6 years
that first ladies belly is ugly she needs to cover that up, but there is no better feeling than your baby moving inside your womb
KateHarle KateHarle 6 years
Oh I definitely remember that feeling, my first child used to push her feet so hard against me that I could see her toes and I even sized baby socks against her one day when I was in a store, the store lady was stunned. I do miss that feeling.
karenasay karenasay 6 years
I loved being pregnant. I have 5 kids with a set of twin boys. All my babies moved but the twins really mixed it up. I remember one time walking around target and all of a sudden I saw my skin just stick out like one of them was sticking his elbow out. My husband saw it to and couldn't believe it. After that whenever I said the boys were really active, he believed me. With my first (and only girl) she would always move around until she heard daddys voice. He would talk to my stomach and she would quiet down like that. When she was born, she was screaming and daddy went over and as soon as she heard his voice, she was just quiet. The doctor and nurse just stared in disbelief. I loved being pregnant and wish I could just be pregnant without going through labor.
CrystalSpencer CrystalSpencer 6 years
it is not gross its the coolest feeling in the world watching these videos make me really really REALLY want a third hehehehe
TamieZack TamieZack 6 years
I really miss the growing, Looking at my tummy move, the lil one get the Hiccups. I miss being Pregnant period. Its not gross it a great & wonder feeling. Thats why i have 4 kids. i love all of them ♥ ♥
JessicaKozel JessicaKozel 6 years
hahaha i dont think it looks as weird when its your own belly..My second wasn't just a wiggler, he was having a full blown party in there! But those videos still were kinda creepy lol
BrittneyHOWELL91409 BrittneyHOWELL91409 6 years
Lol i love it! Im 34 weeks with my 2nd one and so far they have both been like that.
ElaineFulwood ElaineFulwood 6 years
That is the only thing I miss about being pregnant.
NancySasser NancySasser 6 years
yes, my baby was that wiggly. My first was just kicking a lot. But my second was very wiggly like that. We would lay in bed and watch the little "alien" trying to figure out what she was poking me with, arm, leg, elbow, butt, ;-)
TinaFeddersen TinaFeddersen 6 years
makes me wish i made of video of my little one in my belly he moved tons....oh well i can do it when i have another :)
MichelleBraille MichelleBraille 6 years
it makes me miss pregnancy! My little guy used to hiccup constantly and my whole body would 'hiccup' with him... He also loved to kick and would knock things off my belly like magazines or books (i called him mommy's little ninja) and now at 18 months, he still loves to kick. he says 'kick' and does a mini karate kick :)
EmilyLeBlanc EmilyLeBlanc 6 years
that is so cool! my first wasn't like that, but my second was. i miss it!
bobbyjovezina bobbyjovezina 6 years
I miss that feeling
CarmenYazminSotoAlvarez CarmenYazminSotoAlvarez 6 years
I miss that feeling ♥ ♥ !!!!!!
LaressaMarengere LaressaMarengere 6 years
I never got that huge. My babies moved alot but never could really see them.
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