Chore Dice

Need a little help around the house? How about making your family a set of these ingenious chore dice.

Source: Dellia Creates

Kids Building Block Coat Hanger

Hanging your kids' coats never looked so cute (and smart) than with this DIY building blocks hat rack and coat hanger.

Source: Built by Kids

Nursery or Kids Room Decor

Stephanie of Red Door Design has old blocks work double duty as colorful decor in a kiddo's room.

Source: Project Nursery

Homemade IQ Blocks

For this fun DIY IQ Game, all you need are secondhand building blocks, some paint, and a photocopier/printer!

Source: Learners in Bloom

DIY Stamps

Kids love stamps, and you'll love making a set of these homemade stamps using old blocks and some craft foam!

Source: Lines Across

Party Decorations

Skip dishing out the dough for new party decor, take a cue from Kids Party Hub, and use your old alphabet blocks as centerpieces for your tot's parties.

Source: Kids Party Hub

Alphabet Blocks Ornaments

It's never to early to start getting ideas for (and making) holiday gifts, and these easy-to-create alphabet blocks ornaments would make a great one for your kids to give to grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.

Source: Lolly Jane