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Restaurant Bans Strollers

Parents With Stroller Denied Access to Restaurant

Canadian parents Jason Desroches and Andrea Chilcott have flipped out at a local restaurant, Flip, after they were refused entry with their 16-month-old daughter’s stroller. The restaurant owner says strollers pose trip hazards and could violate the fire code if they block access in an emergency. Yet the parents are upset that they were not presented with any options, such as where to park the stroller outside.

To find out how the couple plans to respond to the restaurant's actions, read the whole story at the Huffington Post.

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WhisperGray WhisperGray 4 years
Not everyone HAS a car.. If you read the full article from the huffington post, you will see they where flat out told to leave, and with no option for the stroller - like fold it and place it behind the hostess, under the table , or get a table that accommodates Handicap chairs where it would be out of the way. Chairs with legs are tripping hazards ! People's leg's are tripping hazards.. Walkers and wheel chairs are tripping hazards.. This is completely inexcusable. 'Here in the U.S., different places have implemented solutions to keep strollers out of small spaces and for parents to stay happy at the same time. Disney World has designated "stroller parking" outside its tabletop dining areas as well as attractions. A county in Florida offers "stroller" permits for cars with young children to park close to their destination in parking lots. One Y.M.C.A in New York even has a stroller valet.'
EmiliaKoiler1370721671 EmiliaKoiler1370721671 4 years
Like most people, I haven't the slightest idea - oh, wait I do, fame- why they wouldn't just bring it back to the car! I would've been angry if the restaurant didnt have a high chair or something of the sort (unless it was a bar in which case, who would take your child there?!?) but this is just stupid. Put I in the car!
AnitaBurnham AnitaBurnham 4 years
I saw this on another site and I'm going to say here the same thing I said over there. These people are just looking for their 15 minutes of fame. To say that it was such a hardship that you're planning on suing the restaurant is crap! Does the restaurant have to figure out everything for their patrons? Put it in the car or park it outside--oh, or go somewhere else. If you're that passionate about putting a big stroller where a server might potentially spill hot soup all over your baby, then by all means, please protest and sue. It's a small space, it's a hazard and the restaurant is free to make sure that no one else is hurt. I actually read the entire article on Huffington Post and the request did not seem unreasonable to me.
NicholeLesniak NicholeLesniak 4 years
@RachelMoss - so they lacked common sense as well? If I'm told that I can't bring a stroller in, I don't wait to be told an alternative. I fold it up and bring it back to the car! Why they felt the need to bring a stroller into a restaurant anyway is beyond me. I have a 4-year old and a 15-month old and both have either been carried into restaurants or walked. Why do so many parents feel so self-entitled??
RachelMoss85059 RachelMoss85059 4 years
I think some people are missing the point. The restaurant didn't say "Oh, I'm sorry, you can't bring your stroller in here, but if you fold it up you can leave it here and we'll get you a high chair", they said "Oh, I'm sorry, you can't bring your stoller in here, you'll have to leave". That is what got the parents all riled up - the lack of alternatives. I have three kids and although I don't normally bring a stroller into a restaurant I have had to on a few occasions, and I have never been flat out asked to leave because of it. Most family friendly restaurants will at least give you the option of leaving the stroller in an out-of-the-way place while you dine; that's just good business sense!
missnanny missnanny 4 years
Oh get over yourself people. The world doesn't have to cater to you. It is no big deal. Park the stroller elsewhere - though I would put it where I could see it.
CoMMember13627405542584 CoMMember13627405542584 4 years
Don't want to serve me over a stroller....fine, you don't need my money. I'll take it somewhere else.
CoMMember13627405542584 CoMMember13627405542584 4 years
We frequently get hostesses saying we can't bring a stroller to the table, but we're always offered to park it somewhere else like in an empty banquet room or folded up near the front counter.
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