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Mommy Dearest: Restaurant Battle Over Spilled Rice

Mommy Dearest,

I recently took my two children (ages 1 and 3 years old) to a local sushi restaurant for lunch. As one might guess, my lil one managed to drop some rice on the floor during the meal. At the end of our meal, I took them to the restroom to clean up. Before leaving, I paid the bill, left a generous tip, and tried to rush out to the car with my exhausted tots. As I tried to exit the eatery, two of the employees blocked my path. One yelled, "You are a pig and you are raising a pig. You are worse than a pig. American children don't do this. You must be from some other place. I will call the police on you. You have to clean up. You are not leaving till you clean up. You are ruining my business. It was the cleanest place until you came. You are not welcome in this restaurant ever again. You are worse than a pig. You already made too much noise." Horrified and scared by her reaction, I apologized again and squeezed by the women. Still angry, one of the servers took a handful of salt and threw it at me but missed and hit my 3 year old in the back of the head.

I am sorry my children made a mess, but I left a lofty tip and apologized profusely. I would have cleaned up better, but my babies were reaching meltdown status. What else could I have done?

— Little Miss Messy

To see the response from Mommy Dearest,


Little Miss Messy,

There's no denying that restaurant owners and other patrons often cringe at the sight of children walking through the door. While some tots are perfectly behaved diners, there are others that don't do so well in high chairs. Nevertheless, most every restaurant owner and manager can expect children to be part of their clientele and part of that expectation should include food on the floor, a messy place mat, and chance of spillage on the table. That being said, I believe parents should do their best to clean up after themselves and their tots before leaving the establishment. If it's not an option, the busser has to take on the task and a heavier tip may be appropriate.

However, no restaurant owner or employee should ever assault a customer, let alone a child! Her behavior — from the insults to the salt throwing — was unacceptable. I would never dine there and would tell any mommy friends to boycott the establishment as well. She could have addressed the situation in a more pleasant manner or kept her grievances to herself. The restaurant is lucky to not have lawsuit on its hands.

— Mommy Dearest

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