Imagine a family dinner at a local restaurant where everyone orders off of the regular menu and is willing to try something new without bribery. For most mamas, the scenario sounds like a fantasy, but a New York City restaurateur says it can be achieved — if more dining establishments are willing to throw out their children's menus.

Nicola Marzovilla, owner of the chic iTrulli restaurant in the Big Apple, discounts children's meals on Sundays, but won't give in to parents who ask for typical lil one's fare. According to Marzovilla, "It’s about nutrition, it’s about family; you go right down the line. And the children’s menu is about the opposite — it’s about making it quick, making it easy, and moving on." Sixty-four percent of LilSugar readers said they prefer going to restaurants that offer a children's menu – some for cost reasons and others to avoid a fight at the table. How would your tots fare without the kiddie menu?