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Restraining Order to Keep 4th Grade Classmates Apart

Restraining Order to Keep 4th Grade Classmates Apart

Would you involve law enforcement if you felt your child was endangered by a classmate?

As ABC News Reports, a Riverside County court judge has issued a temporary restraining order against a 4th grader who allegedly threatened his classmate, Christopher Casteel, with a knife. 

Casteel's father, who requested the restraining order, had been shocked by what he felt was a “boys will be boys” reaction from the elementary school and district. 

Read the full story on ABC News

Do you worry about your child's safety at school?

Image Source: The Press-Enterprise via ABC News

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ValerieHess49179 ValerieHess49179 5 years
No. The school is responsible for setting clear boundaries that keep everyone in the school safe. I feel the problem needs to be addressed there first and probably law enforcement would need to be involved if there is a clear policy about weapons. And we wonder why kids don't learn. Kids need to feel safe to learn. How can they with these types of situations happening and not being protected by the rules and the staff.
KimSanders19176 KimSanders19176 5 years
Oh HECK yeah, I would do the same. These schools are ridiculous how they won't handle these situations.
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