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Does watching babies make or break a date? Somedaymom finds out. Date Night Babies Screening comes from the Someday Mom Diaries blog at OnSugar.

I'm not a mom, but I want to be. I'm also not married, but I plan to be before I am a mom. So, while I'm firmly on the love, marriage, then baby carriage track, the fact that I hope for motherhood (and am watching more and more friends have children) means my dates have to endure my soft spot for children. I'm by no means suffering from baby fever, but I'm not going to hide the fact that I want to gush when I see a sweet family or a toddler randomly walks up to me in Target and grabs my hand, thinking I'm his mother. Take it or leave, right?

I was sold on Babies, the documentary that follows four babies in different countries for their first year, the moment I saw a preview nearly a year ago. Still, when my main movie date suggested we see it on date night a few months ago I was flushed with anxiety. Could we handle a quadruple dose of parenthood and intimate visions of a stage we're clearly not at? Could I enjoy the movie with him by my side?


To see how it went, keep on reading.

We survived. In fact, he seemed to enjoy the film more than I did — talking about the Ponijao, who lives in Namibia with her family — for weeks to come. I got lost in the cinematography and silent stories, but I didn't identify with it because I am not a mother. The movie allowed us to be spectators into a world (or worlds) we're not a part of, and so we enjoyed it for art's sake. We had little to say except "that was pretty" as we walked out. When thinking about it later I realized that while it can be hard to broach the subject of marriage before you are there, parenting and babies are a natural bonding point. Babies are cute. Babies are funny. Babies make you smile. All qualities of a great date night.

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