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Review of Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers

Lil Community: We've Gone Bananas For Charlie Banana Diapers

Look for the mom seal of approval before buying things for your lil one! This post comes from user Elka Karl in our Product Reviews group.

I recently tested some Charlie Banana diapers on my baby, and I'm quite pleased with the design and performance of these cloth diapers. I usually use FuzziBunz at home, but I found the Charlie Banana diapers to have a few advantages:

  1. The AIO pocket design was more thoughtful than the FuzziBunz design. The Charlie Banana diaper's insert tucks in, and actually has a flap that covers the pocket where you tuck it in, unlike the FuzziBunz's design, which just has an open section. I think this helps to prevent moisture from traveling up the insert and onto clothes.
  2. The Charlie Banana diapers absorbed a lot more than the FuzziBunz, in part because the insert is thicker.
  3. The Charlie Banana diaper also just seemed sturdier than the FuzziBunz diapers. I love them both, but if I were to choose diapers again, I'd definitely go with the Charlie Banana brand over FuzziBunz.

I also sent a CB diaper to my sis-in-law. Here's what Emily thought about them:

"Charlie Banana cloth diapers are one of the best diapers that I have tried on my little guy. I love that the liner inserts into the diaper pocket, making changing a very squirmy baby quick and easy without fussing with adjusting a loose insert. I used the One Size style, so it is allows me to get the perfect fit. And, it holds a lot!  I was impressed at how much moisture the diaper could take and how well the micro fleece wicked the wetness away from his skin. I have tried many different brands of cloth diapers, some purely function, some blending function and style. This one has style. I like that it is sleek and soft without the plastic crinkle. One thing that would make this diaper perfect is if if had an organic cotton inner liner so that damp sensitive skin is free and clear of any residual pesticides or herbicides or synthetic materials."

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