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Review of Evenflo Symphony Car Seat

Evenflo's Symphony All-in-One Car Seat

When it comes to Symphony car seat ($189) to test drive.

Described as an "all-in-one" car seat, the ultra-soft chair can be used for children as little as five pounds until they tip the scales at 100 pounds, which means mommy only has to buy one car seat for all of childhood. As the child grows from newborn to toddler, mom and dad will appreciate the ability to change it from its rear-facing position to forward-facing so the child can enjoy the view. The headrest can be adjusted to move up and down, and the seat itself can be launched into more of a cradle mode with one simple hand motion. With ease in mind, the designers of the seat included the SureLATCH system so that parents could install the seat rear or forward-facing with three simple clicks. Like most seats in the category, the Symphony has a 5-point harness seatbelt, which helps to keep the child in place and safest when in motion. And while it's the least of my concerns when it comes to safety, the flip out cup holder on the side of the seat is kind of genius. Giving a tot access to a water bottle will save mommy from aimlessly reaching to the back floorboard in order to satiate her screaming mimi.

To see what I would change about the Symphony, just


Obviously a fan, my son was asleep within minutes of his first trip in the Symphony, and that wasn't even in the cradle position. While the car seat is dreamy on almost every account, I have to admit that I was hesitant to fly with it because of its size. Probably not any different from others in the category, I chose to use my Snap and Go based seat instead so I wouldn't have to deal with the weight of the Symphony. In the end, I might have preferred the comfort of the Evenflo seat to the ease of the chosen one.

Tell us what you think of the Symphony!

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mother2 mother2 7 years
These all-in-one seats weren't around when my twins were born. We just bought our third set of car seats since the kids outgrew their Britax roundabouts. We went with the Britax froniter, which looks very similar to the one pictured here. It converts from 5pt harness to booster seat, and harness is good for up to 50 lbs. They were a bit difficult to install as far as getting a tight fit, we had to check out the videos on the Britax website. We ended up having to recline the back seats and then put them back upright to get it nice and tight. But now that they are in, I am very pleased. The kids are comfortable and on long trips they don't get that droopy head anymore, the headrests are great. They have cupholders, too. They are really pricey, but I've been so pleased with Britax overall and didn't mind spending the cash since they get such great reviews. BTW, we tried the Graco Nautilis, but the headrests not as comfy and the seats were much narrower overall. The price was much nicer, though, and if it had been more comfortable for the kids, I think we would have gone with those since Graco is also a good brand. We were really pleased with the Graco bucket seats.
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