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OnSugar Blog: Extreme Scootering

Lots of moms like to think out loud, and camilaruano is one of them. This is the latest post to her I'm So Stylish blog.

I have been know to say that I wanted surfer/skater kids. Children who think out of the box, that push the limits, that are fearless. When Sophia was 18 months old she could scale a rock climbing wall that was suggested for 6-11-year-olds. At a year old, Gabriel would crawl to the crushing waves of the ocean until the waves soaked him. I am constantly looking for toys and equipment to challenge my kids.

Sophia who is almost four and Gabriel who is two, both have Mini Kick Scooters — the ultimate in scooters! Its intuitive design is brilliant. The Mini Kick's unique "lean and steer " allows the children to maneuver the Mini Kick with their body weight from side to side, surfing the sidewalks! The three wheel design is unmatched and provides stability and control with two wheels in the front and the single spooner provides extra control and is great for dramatic effect. I could go on forever... Sophia has already mastered some amazing tricks from this well engineered scooter. It's crazy how fast she can go and make an immediate brake so smoothly. Gabriel is working on a whole set of tricks of his own. These scooters are a must! It has been amazing for both of my kids confidence. Don't be deterred by the suggested age (3-5). Gabriel got his Mini Kick when he was just turning two. It's been so awesome watching the different ways they have mastered it!

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