Tommee Tippee Brings UK Favorite Stateside

Cheerio old pal! Generations of babies grew up with Tommee Tippee cups sitting on their high chairs. They could push the cups over, but they'd always pop back up to a standing position, eliminating any unwanted spills. A new generation of lil ones is about to be introduced to the leading British infant and toddler feeding company's latest innovations when the Tommee Tippee line makes its stateside debut at Babies R Us stores later this month.

With a newborn on hand, I eagerly tested the company's Closer to Nature line of baby bottles, which are designed to help babies seamlessly transition between breast and bottle feeding. The extra-wide design of the BPA and phthalate-free bottles ($16 for a two-pack) fits right into the palm of the hand, allowing mom to position it like a breast in a baby's mouth. The soft, flexible nipples are so lifelike that I was almost embarrassed to use them in public. They naturally stretch, just like a breast, while their built-in valve helps reduce air intake. Colicky babies will benefit from the line's Sensitive Tummy bottles ($18 for two) that feature a vent tube to prevent air and vacuum back-up. For formula-fed babies, the line includes formula dispensers that ingeniously screw right into the bottles for easy bottle preparation on-the-go.

To hear about the company's products for toddlers and my favorite part of the line,


Once tots move beyond the bottle-feeding years, Tommee Tippee greets them with the Explora line of products. Among my favorite pieces in this big-kid line is the spill-proof trainer cup ($8 for two) that is truly easy to drink from. Anyone who has tried to drink out of their child's sippy cup knows that many require a suck similar to a vacuum in order to get a drop of liquid from them. This cup requires almost no force, making it great for younger kids.


The line's Easi-Mat, which grips to both the table and a bowl, will also be welcomed by parents who spend most of their mealtimes picking dinnerware up off the floor.

But my favorite part of the entire Tommee Tippee line are the Closer to Nature Milk Feeding Bibs ($6 for two). Their extra-absorbent collar catches all of the milk that usually makes its way down to the baby's neck during both breast and bottle feedings.


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